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Thread: T3 and T4 Crushed

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    Angry T3 and T4 Crushed

    I was in an automobile accident that resulted in having T3 and T4 vertebra crushed. I underwent a 7.5 hr surgery to replace them with an implant and fuse them to the fusion of 1&2 and 5&6 creating a T1 - T6 fusion. All of this was done due to the fact that I had a hematoma that formed around the spinal cord in the T3 T4 area resulting in paralysis/numbness from the solarplexus down to the bottom of the feet.

    Once surgery was done, the surgeons incorrectly failed to provide any antibiotics for the first 4 days. I had a rampant life-threatening infection that needed to be cleansed with a washout surgery 10 days later.

    My back is healing up but no it's been nearly 2 months since the washout surgery and my 'real' symptoms have not changed. I still cannot walk and my body is still numb/paralyzed from the solarplexus down to my feet.

    My surgeon now - after all my pain and suffering - says that I MAY never regain feeling in my body. I have been told that there is no nerve damage per se, just that there was a 'compression' around the spinal cord.

    My feet/legs feel like they would feel when you cross you legs and they fall asleep.

    Does anyone know if this will every change? All the 'medical' pros just say they do not know. I don't feel like my doctors have that much experience. All of them are in their 30's ensuring that they can only have about 5 years experience if that...

    Any help?

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    Well, I assume you do have nerve damage, or damage to your spinal cord, which can occur due to both the original insult to the cord (compression, pinching, bruising) and due to compression from a hematoma.

    It is too early to tell if you will get anything back. Have you noticed any improvement to date? Most return occurs in the first 3 months, but it can continue for up to two years or more. What did they tell you was your ASIA level and category?

    Did you get methyprednisilone immediately after your injury?

    Where are you getting your care? Did you go to rehab? Where? Are you home now?


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