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Thread: 43 Miles, 3 Days, In a Wheelchair. Trail Ride 2007 Completed

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    Post 43 Miles, 3 Days, In a Wheelchair. Trail Ride 2007 Completed

    43 Miles, 3 Days, In a Wheelchair, Trail Ride 2007 Completed

    whats up family and friends, check out info, pics, and video about this years Trail Ride 2007

    if u havent yet, please donate to TR2007 money goes towards spinal cord injury reaserch. 7 days left to donate to TR2007

    more info on TR2007 at

    28/M/chicago/C5-c6 quad Comp.

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    ha ha....the guy crowd surfin in his chair at the bad religion concert is "too sweet".

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    You're sites getting very nice.

    Good luck

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    hi john,

    great job

    wish i lived closer to u, that looks like a fun long as no rain

    take care and rock on

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