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Thread: keeping a foley in for too long before a change??

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    keeping a foley in for too long before a change??

    been using an indwelling foley now for years, but only recently been keeping it (all silicone) in for 3 months or even a little more before changing it.

    ive been changing the water in the balloon about every 2 weeks or so, cause it 'leaks' out thru the pores in the silicone.....which i know about.

    i wonder if im doing something stooopid by keeping my foleys in for 3 months+ ???

    no increase in UTIs,...... i wonder if could cut down on ureathral irritation by just leaving it in perpetually until its well worn out, say 4+ months?

    hmmmmmmmmm. Not that im trying to be a cheapskate and save $$$ on new foleys. ....

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    No problem. If it does not clog in that time, there is no reason to change it more often. The CDC has no recommendation for duration of indwelling catheter use or frequency of changing as there is no scientific evidence of any benefit of any specific regimen.


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    guy says bad things to KLD in another thread. asks a question , she replys with her knowing everything. what a class act.
    oh well

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