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Thread: Help, my thumb is hurting

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    Help, my thumb is hurting

    Both of my thumbs are hurting so bad all the time.I believe it is the trapezium which is a saddle joint.Then the muscle gets very sore.Since I am a complete, I have to use my hands for everything and I believe it is mostly caused by the way I have to transfer.I can't transfer with my palms down cause it twist my wrist.So, I do it with my fist balled up and most of the time the thumb is out to help me with direction.
    So, I am wondering what to do about it.
    Should I get a shot in the joint? That I know is a temporary cure for pain.I am not sure if I have worn down the cartilage or have arthritis. Does anyone have the same problem?
    What should I do?

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    accupuncture helps with pain.I would try to find a good chinese dr.My father inlaw had knuckle pain and swelling this dr. I know used a fire needle and fixed it

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    It sounds like you might have overworked your thumb, especially using it as a guide when you transfer. Anti-inflamation medications/ice may help with the acute pain, but you may need to see an OT for the hand issue itself and maybe a PT to see if there may be an adjustment to your transfer technique.


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