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Thread: UTI Help needed!

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    UTI Help needed!

    I am soliciting any and all comments with my uti problems. I don't post much, but I read everything on the topic of uti. Here is my situation currently. I have been hurt 21 years and for the longest time didn't have much of a problem with uti's. The bad thing as I realize this now is that I had been on a prophylatic dose of cipro for a long time. I switched to sulfatrimeth about 5 years ago, and was doing ok on that. I got a uti last year and went on macrobid after having a c&s done as usual protical and tested positive for e-coli for a ten day regimen. When I was done I went about 3 days and was right back having problems. This was very unusual for me so we did another c&s and I had switched from e-coli to pseaudamonas(not sure of that spelling). So I went on cipro XL for 14 days. When I got off that only a few days and infection right back. During all of this I had a cat scan and urodynamics. The cat scan was clear and uro has been showing a trend line up for the last 10 years and I am currently taking 30mg xl of ditropan per day. My urologist who is supposed to be the best in Houston who is head of the urology department in the medical center here is speculating that after so many years of dealing with a neurogenic bladder that it simply becomes incapable of resisting uti's. He had been of the opinion that I should do an augment, but when I presented him with the botox option he said we could try this first if I wanted to. Also, during all this antibiotic frenzy I got a yeast infection(candidas) which I haven't read to much about on this site. Along with this I have the symptoms of prostititus and the only info I get on that is that it is hard to get rid of. My diet consist of pretty much a candidas fighting diet of protein and vegetables with no sugar, dairy, sodas, alcohol pretty much all the good stuff.
    I take cranberry, saw palmetto, an antifungal regimen of herbs, and d-mannose. I just started to up my vitamin c and am taking hiprex although I have read that uroquid is better. I strarted on hiprex because I could get it without a prescription in Canada. I have a call into my urologist to visit with him about uroquid. I am scheduled for another urodynamics in April, but this whole ordeal has become quite frustrating. So anyone that can comment on this I would greatly appreciate.

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    I relied on a neurogenic bladder for over 23 years and found the past 4 years I was getting more and more infections. I think as we age the bladder empties with greater and greater residuals and possibly higher pressures translating into Uti's.

    The answer for me was to go to an intermittant Cath program. I take both Imiprin and Sanctura to reduce bladder spasticity and do 5 to 6 caths a day.

    I have found that I am feeling much better, have not had any infections since going on this program 4 months ago and dont have to deal with bouts of A/D everytime the bladder would kick off as before. I figure the constant A/D cant be too healthy as we age either.

    It is nice to be able to get away from the leg bag and the night drainage bag, I generally do a night cath around 3am to be safe.

    You might want to think about trying an intermittant cath program, it sure has worked for me.

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    What is your current bladder program, has it been the same throughout the years?


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    I do intermittent cath and always have. I am guilty of one thing and that is I rely on my sensory to tell me when to cath and if I put off the urge for 45min to an hour volumes will be in excess 600ml. I used to get by with that but I realize as I get older that I need to go more on a schedule rather than my sensory.

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    OK- so the Ditropan will allow your bladder to hold more urine, but cathing by sensation is not the best way to go. I think that the bacterial load (amount of bacyeria) in your bladder needs to be decreased.
    So, drinks lots and cath more often, decrease the concentration of thebacteria.
    Also, one option is what I consider a bladder washout and if you have read previous posts, I have talked about this in the past.
    You can do the wash out with acetic acid (may cause irritation to your bladder wall and bleeding) or 1/4 strength Betadine (may cause dysreflexia as it is a major irritant to your bladder.
    To do the wash out: after emptying your bladder via cathing, instill 60 cc of the acetic acid or 1/4 strength betatdine into your bladder and let it drain out. Then take a liter of normal saline and instill 60 cc at a time into your bladder, let it drain out. Repeat this part with the saline until the liter of saline is gone.
    What you are doing is eliminating the bacteria in your bladder, washing it out.


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    I have read your suggestions on the bladder wash and was wandering if this might be helpful for me. How often should this be done? I thought I had read where some people might do every two months or so. Also, I have been told that there are some new anti-bacterial catheters on the market that have been shown to be very effective against uti's statistically speaking. Do you have any info on this. I am currently using lofric made by astratech which I like because of the hydrophyllic coating.

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    The wash out can be a treatment for a current UTI and can be done 2-3 times a day for a week to 10 days. I have not seen it used as a prophylactic to prevent UTIs. If it were to be used for that I would recommend once every few days.
    I have seen the literature about the coated catheters (they are treated with nitrofurantoin). They may be an option, have not seen the long term studies on it and they do nothing with the bacteria already in your bladder.


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    Have you seen that this bacterial buildup just gets worse as we get older with these injury's. Also, if these ideas don't improve my situation do you think the botox or augment would. I just feel that somewhere there's got to be a solution to this.

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