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Thread: Sleeping through the night

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    Because it is well known that a biologic slime layer (yes, it is actually called that) develops inside the bag and travels up the tubing, and this creates a conduit for bacteria to "swim" up into the bladder, even with a anti-reflux valve. If the bag is sterile (and is cleaned regularly) it takes longer for and is more difficult for the slime layer to develop. Some bags (such as Bard) now are made with material embedded in the bag itself that inhibits the growth of the slime layer.


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    just want to chime in and say yes, my sleep sux bigtime. maybe 5 hours at most. i sometimes wonder how much all of my lack of sleep contributes to my oss of memory and a loss of my "normal" intelligence.

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    my sleep is consistently awful, I wake up every two hours - fall asleep after the 11pm news and then I get out of bed @ 530-6am, I think it is definetly why I can't think anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by capecodsci
    my sleep is consistently awful, I wake up every two hours - fall asleep after the 11pm news and then I get out of bed @ 530-6am, I think it is definetly why I can't think anymore.
    i wake up everytime i move in bed [pain spasms].i move often ....almost every 10-15 minutes.
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    Other, because I sleep 2-4 hours at night, the same in the morning. Awake at all other times. Because neuropathic pain is exacerbated by being still for too long, pressure points hurting.

    I use a 4000 cc bag at night, cleaned with bleach water daily and replaced weekly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by air ohs
    Originally Posted by CapnGimp
    Depending on my intake of h2o during the day, I might have to get up 2 or 3 times.

    I really dump at night a 2000ml bed bag wasn't enough so i attached a bed bag hose to a modified 5quart cat litter jug. works awesome and is easy to carry and drain 'has built in handle' any kind of plastic jug would work.

    I don't like those monster bed bags, I just use the same bag I wear all the time, call me lazy. I used to keep a small juicy-juice bottle for nite-time but I got to thinking, if I was still walking, I'd just hop up and go, so I do that now. Besides, it gives me an opportunity to go out on the deck and look at the night sky and listen to the creatures outside.
    A few nites ago, I arose at 5:10 am to drain my radiator and went to the window. There was this huge lump that looked like a giant bat climbing down the support column for the decks above me. I thought 'bat' becase it had the shape of one hanging upside down(legs).Then I said that is ridiculous(I was just asleep, remember) it is way too big and this isn't Africa (fruit bats), lol. I flipped the light on and it was a racoon. He mosied around out there for about a minute smelling of all my junk on the deck, then climbed down to the ground. That was too cool. He also left a pile of crap, topped with whole poke berries on the deck above and on my door's threshold, he just left a pile of undigested poke berries. He was up above to eat the dog's food.
    I then went outside as I was awake now and viewed Venus thru a telescope, it was the same phase as the moon and really bright. Then I turned my eye upwards to look at Orion, my favorite object in the sky. I thought to myself, 'So beautiful, God has blessed me to see such wonderful things, I'd KNOW it was intentional if'...and I was about to say, if I could just see a meteorite before I go in and BOOM, there was a bright, green streak beside Orion that lasted for about a second! You may not be a believer but I am. This made a zillion nites of arising worth it all. I went back to bed and shared my happiness with Him for a while before going off to sleep.

    For the last two nites, I have intentionally limited my fluid intake before bedtime and slept all the nite thru. I used to have sleep problems and slept in the day and was awake all nite, for years, until I started riding the handcycle. Exercise is beneficial in MANY ways. It even got rid of severe pain in my shoulder/neck and arm that the doctors could do nothing for caused by neck disc problems that were pinching nerves and a tear in the rotator cuff. No amount of pain meds touched it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapnGimp
    Orion, my favorite object in the sky.
    Orion is my favorite constellation, too!


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    re the large nighty time volumes ..... considering my method is IC, glad I don't have those volumes. Once during the night is bad enough.
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