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Thread: SCI Parents roll call

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    SCI Parents roll call

    I'm just curious as to who all is still around. Seems that us disabled parents seem to come and go. Busy being parents I guess. Anyhow, we are such a valuable resource to each other and to those thinking of becoming parents. So I thought it would be good is we could post a general list of who is here, our level, childrens ages etc.

    I'll start

    Emi2: C 7/8 quad, 6 years post SCI, mom to a 4 year old girl and 5 months pregnant with a second child.
    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

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    Sjean423, t7-8, going on 3 years. 4 kids, 16, 18, 21, 24. (Yea, thay will always be kids ..... LOL)

    Oldest 2 are boys, younger 2 are girls.
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    T7-8 since Feb 2005

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    C5 complete, 13yrs. post, father to 3 1/2 year old girl, Alexandra Marie
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    c6 comp, 6 yrs post, weekend parent to two boys, 7 and 10

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    C3 incomplete walking quad. 17 years post. At home boys 8 and 14 (15 this month) only known me as SCI and 2 kids out of home 21 and 23 (step children who had lived here full time)
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    C5/6 complete, 3 daughters 18, 20 & 21... but only got to see them once a month or so since my injury (wife left). Never underestimate that though- from my oldest just this past week, a note I found after a visit that really wore me out:

    *****************Sorry dad that we make you so worn out... i don't mean to but i love you so much and i want to be with you more and ill try to... i really will.. i want to be with you as much as i can but its hard with work and stuff so please understand... well i love you tons so hopefully you know... well love you bunches.. see you wedsnesday!!! good nite.. love you !!
    <Pounds chest>

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    Anty c-5-6 incomplete mother of anthony turning 13 this month and antonella 7.
    Be always determined in Life and Love

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    T12 2 years post 7 year old son 10 year old daughter

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    C5-6, incomplete, 7 years post, 18 yr old son, 26 yr old stepson I raised, both living at home because I clearly make it too comfortable around here!

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    T4/5 complete, 29 years post, single mom to the bestest 10 year old daughter a mom could have.

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