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Thread: Cold/Flu and Incontinence: Question for SCI Nurse

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    Cold/Flu and Incontinence: Question for SCI Nurse

    Is it normal to have some incontinence why you have the cold or flu? I feel like I've been run over by a big rig and to top it all off, I had some incontinence in my sleep last night. Any ideas?

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    I've seen some folks increase their voiding when they are sick. Itseems like when you are sick, the rest of your body systems go out of whack. Depending on your bladder management, voiding, cathing, your can either place a urinal at night to catch small voids or wear an external catheter if needed.


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    Now from the female side.. Sent in a sample last week and just had some e.coli no white cells in the sample that was cultured. I have been running a fever about 100 even when I take Tylenol or Tylenol PM. Achy and hot and small cough no gross colors. So, does Tylenol PM have something to cause a gal to spring leaks or is this from a light virus or flu? Umm, spouse just got over nasty flu. (No, I couldn't get a flu shot and only people going to play in the sand get them in his unit).

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