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Thread: How do you lie down on your stomach comfortably?

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    How do you lie down on your stomach comfortably?

    Where do you put your arms? Do you use a pillow? I'm assuming that most quads like me don't have full range in their neck. I know it's imp't to lie prone occasionally, I just can't get comfy in that position.

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    when i was in the rehab NM.they pushed me hard to learn how to turn in bed.i am lucky because i have a hospital bed at home .i grab the lateral bars from the bed using my wrists and i turn a very painfull move because when i change my position my body starts to spasms like crazy.i cannot lie down on my stomach because i cannot breath if i do this.good luck mimin and i hope that other quads will share their stories and help regarding this issue.
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    Hi Mimin, I haven't been able to lay on my stomach post-injury. I can get there by using the grab bars on my bed, but it is not comfortable, and like Adi I feel that I can't breathe freely. I go from one side to the other side and that's about it. I try not to lay on my back too much so that my butt has a pressure break.

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    Eileen, I also turn from side to side, and never on my back, but lying prone has some health benefits, decreases spasticity...
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    I'd like to lay on my stomach, head on my arms ab style. I tried a lot, but it's too hard to breathe well enough to relax or sleep. Limited range in my neck is freaky too. Suffocating and restricting. Good luck Mimi, it would be nice to be able to lay that way.

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    No can do here either. I think my neck hardware doesn't rotate that far? Plus can't breathe. Wish I could do it.

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    I'm not a fan of lying on my stomach either (feels like I'm suffocating), but it's great for stretching my back. If I do lie on my stomach, I turn my head and put my opposite arm under the pillow. That's the most comfortable position for me. My neck has good range though. In fact I don't think it's any different than pre-sci.

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    On a mat table

    I'm not very comfortable laying on my stomach on a bed but on a mat table it's ok. Too much belly sag on the bed.
    At first a pillow or two under my chest and trunk (no sag that way) made it a lot more comfortable, but I don't really need it now. In fact sometimes the pillow now goes under my knees to give my legs a stretch.
    I still get lots of spasms for the first five minutes or so but they usually die down.
    Arms down by my sides.

    Having a mat table in my living room has been a huge advantage.


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