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Thread: frogs legs soft roll casters

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    frogs legs soft roll casters

    sci-otr, i know you just got a set of these, and im thinking of getting some to replace my 5" soft rolls, so they dont tap my feet when i turn. i have a tilite tr with frogslegs and the 2 piece billet 5" casters. but sportaid says those fg softrolls are 1.5" in width, and i think mine are 1. visually it looks like there is more than .5" room outside the caster, but i know fork size was an issue for you with the tilite ones - so will froglegs fit froglegs? and while im at it, the castors are mounted in the middle hole - if i use the lower holes will it keep my angles the same when i go 5 to 4?
    yes, dumb questions maybe, but other people have had problems, and i just want to be sure...
    tia, amy

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    You could switch to a 4" diameter caster in the lower hole without changing the geometry. That would improve your heel clearance as well. Your soft rolls are 5x1.25 and your FrogLegs fork has been designed specifically for late model TiLite chairs. Unless the wider FrogLegs fork used on Invacare/Top End models is interchangeable with the TiLite FrogLegs fork (I have my doubts), you are limited to TiLite's pricier 4x1.25 two piece billet soft roll. When I'm at Medtrade in Orlando next week, I'll ask when I stop by the FrogLegs exhibit.

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    SCI OTR, I have a 15 year old Quickie 2 HP. I' like to change the front casters and forks to frogs legs and a smaller front wheel. My current front wheel is a 8"x1" solid rubber. I'd like the frogs legs with a 4" or 5" wheel and whatever else I'd need without changing the height of the front frame of the chair. What are my options as far as you can tell..........or is it simplt time for a "new ride" altogether? Thanks.

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    the current tr order form says the 4" and 5" soft rolls are 1" wide, and the 6" is 1.25" wide. but i cant find the form i ordered from (i think it was october or september 2006), and i know its changed quite a lot. maybe i should just measure the wheels - but then, that might make too much sense.

    i want to keep my fg forks, just switch casters...

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    well, i just got an email from mark at tilite (whos probably reading this) to say im limited to the tilite 4" caster as my 5" is 1" wide - but sportaid have several 4 x 1, blades, softrolls and firm rolls (?), which are all going to be cheaper probably... so i dont know, have enquired.

    edit: apparently theyre $125 each.
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    I resurrected this after at looking Shaun's ZRa pics. It appears it came with FrogLegs soft roll casters installed on his FrogLegs fork.

    I also found this pic of the 16x16 ergo seat ZRc in my archives which had FrogLegs caster forks...

    They look wider than the standard TiLite fork. The distance between the inside edges of my ProSpin forks measures 1 5/8" (41 mm). If that is about the width of your TR's FrogLegs suspension fork, then the 4x1.5 soft rolls should work.

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    just measured and they are 41mm! but... i did order a pair of 4x1s from sportaid at a cheaper price than the $125 (each) that tilite wanted, and theyve already been shipped to my aunties house in boston (every irish person has at least 1 relative in boston, i think its a law). shes coming to visit in a few weeks, so ill get them then. but thank you for checking, and now ill know for next time!

    actually, i read somewhere (wcj i think) that someone bought a set of the 4x1.5 wheels to go on a colours razorblade, and even after being told by colours they wouldnt fit, she found they did - apparently theyre narrower at the centre, and she didnt even have to change spacers... anyway, i know now theyll fit for me if ever i decide to change my rear wheel size, and so need new castors to keep my angles. thanks again...

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    The post was from Tami on WCJ. She was able to fit them on her Razorblade's fork after doing an endo with the rolllerblade-style casters.

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    1.5 = an inch and a half?

    i have 1 3/8 width between my forks on my zra, so the 4x1.5 softrolls won't fit me, correct?

    i have regular forks not froglegs.

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