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Thread: HAD a UTI, BUT i'm still pissing myself.

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    HAD a UTI, BUT i'm still pissing myself.

    turkeyday night, i was in bed and realized i had pissed myself, i know enough to where i have a uti. i went and finished emptying my bladder to find extremely cloudy piss. i can't say pee, its to girly.
    next day, early morning, wake up to a puddle of piss under me. thank god i put a chucks down before i fell asleep. i went to the dr's, gave them a sample, they came back with a script of cipro 500's for 10 days. i was carefull with keeping my bladder full and emptyed it every two hours. the first time i went 3 hours i pissed myself, on sunday night.
    and since then i have slight leaks, but till today(wens) i was doing good, i even went a full four hours without pissing. but, low and behold not two hours after i pissed, i pissed myself again. and looking at it, it wasn't that much piss, maybe 200cc's. nothing to write home about. but when i go to empty my bladder more, there is barely 100-200 more cc's of piss.

    i've been tight for a year, no uti's, no leaks. i can hold alot of piss too, upwards of 600ccs or more.

    so why after i've been on cipro for 6 days, am i still pissing myself.
    i straight cath if you haven't figured it out. i'm t5 para.

    my piss is clear as day and seems healthy.

    i also have been feeling pain in my kidney section. it comes and goes depending on how active i am.

    at 25 years old, it makes me disgusted with living and extremely depressed. but thats another story.

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    and i forgot to mention, when i'm paying attention(mostly when relaxing in bed) i feel alot of spams above my penis, is what i guess is the bladder section of my abdoman. (spelling i know) i'd tell you what i feel, but it wouldn't make a difference because every injury is different within itself.

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    Did you call back to get the results of your urine C&S after 72 hours on the Cipro? It is likely it is not the right antibiotic for you. You must always call (if they don't call you) at 72 hours to get the final results, and if needed, changed to the right antibiotic. Do this first thing tomorrow.

    Also, trying to hold more than about 450 cc. of urine in your bladder significantly increases your risks for UTIs. Cath before you get beyond that.


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    Bro - I feel ya! It's definitely frustrating to be your age and instead of bein out chasing tail you're home, tired, frustrated, and sick, fighting a battle with your bod.

    Whip this bug completely, figure out what precautions to take (without totally letting it control your life), and you CAN get back to living you life.

    It's different for everyone, but here's what worked for me when I was having repeating UTI problems.
    #1 - get a little OCD over the cath routine. Use hand sanitzer, anti-bacterial soap and/or betadine on your hands and your johnson.
    #2 - Use a touchless, single-use in-n-out cath.
    #3 - Cath more often. Every 3 hours (or every 400cc, whichever comes first). A month or 3 later, you can test by going a little longer.
    #4 - Make sure you're fully emptying your bladder. Figure out what position works best. For me, it's seated in my chair, not laying down, and I give my abdomen a little pressure with my hand to make sure my bladder's fully empty.
    #5 - Drink more water ... less soda, caffeine drinks, and booze
    #6 - Totally whip the UTI bug. I'm leery of over-using antibiotics, but if you don't fully kill the bacteria (like if you stop early or if your doc prescribes the wrong drug) it's just gonna come back.
    #7 - Make sure you don't have kidney stones or something like that which might be giving the bacteria safe harbor
    #8 - Listen to the bod's signals and react fast. For me, the UTI leading indicator is leakage or unusual aches and pains. When I feel it, I double up on the water, the cathing, the cranberry juice, vitamin C and zinc tabs, and rest.

    Feel free to get in touch if you wanna chat.

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    I am in the same boat I have been leaking since my birthday in June. I had gone a good 6 months with out accidents being able to hold up to 1000ccs if I had forgot to pee one night an not leaking at all. On my birthday I had a leg bag on because I knew Id be drinking and just wanted to be safe. Next morning I wake up and its full. So since then I haven't been able to stop from leaking. I seen my urologist and he said my bladder is fine. No uti no infection. I am fine from what they tell me. They up'd my dosage of ditropan to xl to 2 times a day and same shit. It doesn't do anything for me. There are days I can go a long time without peeing so just when I think I am back to normal I piss myself like an hour after cathing. I am clean I take precaution when cathing so this is fucken pissing me off. Its bad enough were in a fucken wheelchair an can't feel our dicks and yada yada yada... So this is just another fucken great gift that sci brings. I am 27 and have to be worried about pissing myself my 2 year old son doesn't even have this problem. If you find something that works let me know bro...

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    Your bladder isn't meant to hold 1000 CCs. Even AB males a better amount is 350-400. So you stretch your bladder out to hold that liter and guess what? As it fills again in the next hours to days it hits the point where the smooth muscle stretched and it spazes back towards its normal size. So leaking hits. Women have an even lower normal AB level at 300 CCs or so.
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