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Thread: Treatment centers & home based equipment?

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    Treatment centers & home based equipment?

    I am looking for options for my son and I would like to hear any feedback/opinions on treatment centers/programs that someone has tried. He has a T3 break and his accident was 4 months ago. Is there a time frame we should watch out for? Too soon since the accident maybe?

    I would also appreciate hearing about any equipment that you might recommend for us to have at home for him.



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    19,320 ... I've never seen it or heard anyone go to it but I get the idea it's Canada's version of Project Walk. Located in Toronto, Ontario.

    They have a lokomat trainer. If I were you (does your son get spasms?), I would look into FES (functional electrical stimulation) to keep his muscles passively active (does that make sense - lol) and stave off pressure sores. Dr MacDonald (Christopher Reeve's former physician) developed the RT300 trainer but I believe it's $15,000. Keep in mind that the Canadian dollar is perfect right now for picking up these kind of goods from the States!

    Dr Young has always said that aqua-therapy is quite beneficial ... if I didn't have my current wounds, I would be doing that twice a week!

    Hope this helps.

    Tell him to keep stretching his limbs (they must have taught him that in rehab?) .. I regret not keeping that up twenty years later .. especially around my ankles, feet and knees. Get in some cardio vascular too .... simple wheeling long distances could accomplish that (used to do that as a kid!)
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    I don't know if there's a "too soon"--maybe a "when you're ready, go for it" kind of mentality among professionals. Depends on his current medical condition (as long as he's stable and cleared by a physician to participate in exercise program).

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    Hi Mark,
    As long as your son is cleared by a physician to participate in an exercise program, there is no time like the present. The sooner he tries to stimulate his body, the better his potential is for recovering function and improving strength. There are several physical benefits to the exercise programs that are offered all around the US. I have not heard of the program offered in Toronto, but I recommend visiting it first and researching whether it is a good fit for your family and your son.

    In terms of equipment and exercises for home, the RT300 mentioned above is an incredible tool for stimulating muscular activity, and increasing blood flow and circulation to the joints below the level of injury. In the US there are some private insurance companies that will help cover the cost of the home version of the machine (not sure about medical insurance in Canada). Also, Restorative Therapies is very helpful in pointing you in a direction of a hospital or PT center that may allow access to it.
    While the RT300 is very beneficial, it is still an exercise that is done in a seated position. A standing frame such as the glider from Easy Stand ( is necessary for weight bearing. An exercise that can get the body in an upright position is beneficial in maintaining bone density- helping to prevent osteopenia, or osteoporosis. Using the glider model allows some movement in the hips, while getting some type of cardio benefit as well. Easy Stand can also provide you with information on how to get funded for one as they run about 6000.00
    Good luck with your searching,

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    Thanks everybody,

    I'm sure my son is ready to go try just about anything, but I'm still concerned. I know he is capable of more than they are doing at the rehab center, but we're trying to complete the home renovations and once they are done I want to start by getting some equipment here at home. We already have free wieghts and a universal so that part of his exercise we can look after and he has made friends with the rep for the Canadain Paraplegice Assoc who is getting him into racing. I'm concerned with maintaining his trunk and leg strength as much as possible and this is where I need some help. I've read about the FES bikes, but have to admit I don't really understand how it works. I'm going to see if there is one near us we can check out, if not my wife's Uncle and family live in LA and we have already talked about going there for a couple of weeks to check things out. The truth of the matter is that the options are mostly in the US and since I'll be footing the bill I need to make sure the choice I make is this best for him.

    Keep the advice/opinions coming, I appreciate it all.



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