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Thread: New to SCI and so many questions

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    Sweating and leaking sounds like a uti, has he had a urine culture? It takes a while to get healed up and be ready for intense PT. He better use his rehab time to learn how to keep this new body alive, lift some weights, learn some chair skills. I entered a suspended treadmill walking program 3 months after rehab discharge. It was pretty early, I was sick a lot. Healing the spinal cord takes a long time.

    There's a moderator here from your area, I think. I'll pm him to let him know you're here..

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    Quote Originally Posted by mopar4ever
    There's a Canada forum?
    Thanks Monkeygirl, guess I should have scrolled down further.
    LOL...I'm still finding forums I didn't know existed.

    There's also a "Hockey Forum" seeing how you're a Canadian, I figured it was my duty to inform you. Especially with the season underway...Finally......

    For the times when you just want to have fun, and bash the Leafs of course.

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    Hockey? What's that?

    Yeah, Shaun lives in White City, just out of Regina. Beth is right, your boy should spend his time in rehab learning how to make the most out of what he has now. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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    Hey! My husband's accident was May '07 too and we've really struggled with bladder control. We have certainly not figured it out yet but we did discover he has "neurogenic bladder". Funny enough, the doc gave him medicine, like Ditropan, to paralyze the bladder. It has worked very well for the leaking until recently. I've heard the first year is totally full of changes. Tai has certainly struggled with bladder infections too. Really frustrating. I'm so glad to hear about your son's positive attitude. It makes a difference in his recover and for his wonderful caregiver! Hang in there and keep that chin up.

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