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Thread: starting a support group

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    starting a support group

    i was wondering if anyone could help out here. i've searched the internet and cannot find any support groups close to me. so i want to start one. one problem...i don't know how. does anyone have any suggestions on what i need to do to get one up and running? i know it would be beneficial to my county ( and surrounding areas). i just don't even know where to begin. my ears are open!!!

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    good on you

    for being willing to try ~ I would start with the local hospitals (trauma center, if you have one) and approach the person who is in charge of the floor where re-hab (or acute care, or whatever) takes place.

    I'd have a plan in mind . . . like, I want to have weekly gatherings, or trade home visits, or set up an IM chat time, or whatever you think would be good.

    I'd write this up, give it to the person so they know you've put some thought into it, and ask if your name could be given to people known to live in the area who might be interested.

    I'm sure others have thoughts . . .

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