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Thread: Another SCI from football

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    Another SCI from football

    South Gwinnett High School football player underwent a second surgery Monday morning after suffering a spinal cord injury in a game last week that left him unable to walk.
    He has been identified in news reports as Arquevious Crane, an 11th grader at the school. He was injured Thursday in a junior varsity game against Buford High School.

    "There is some movement (in the arms) and the family's obviously hoping that things will get better," said South Gwinnett principal Berry Simmons.
    Simmons said he went to see Crane over the weekend at Children's Health of Atlanta at Scottish Rite, where hospital officials said Monday he was in serious condition.

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    I read this too. Very sad!

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    Stabalize and move to Shepherd Center. Way to many injuries this year.
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    That is sad.
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    I find myself being paranoid when it comes to activities the kids do, etc. I cringe when my granddaughter jumps on the atv.

    I hope grandsons don't want to play football. I hope the kid in the story lucks out!

    Another thing the kids do that makes me crazy these days, those trampolines they sell at every discount store, way too easy to break your neck/back!

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    I know what you mean, My other son still plays football and I worry about him getting hurt.
    My Brian, the one with the SCI, was always a daredevil. I used to worry about him all the time. If the frisbee was on the roof- he was the first one to get it, if they were building a bike ramp- it was never high enough. he would jump off anything and was a crazy skier. His SCI happened when he was sleeping. Who would of thunk it?

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    You can't worry too much I guess. I did crazy things as a child and I really don't see how I survived all the drinking in college. Then I grew up and becasme a responsible mom. Flipped my truck and here I am. My number was up.
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    I have not seen the mention of measures to minimise the injury such as the recent NFL player getting his spinal cord cooled and a quick call to Dr. Barth Green at Miami.

    Is a sporting event at the high school level any less important? Seems like the higher the value of the person injured, the more aggressive the treatment.

    AND ... when the NFL player GOT the was called radical and new. But I've read about this for damn near 30 years.

    What does it take to get acute care into mainsteam treatment?

    Chronic is understandably complicated and beyond the local EMTs etc. But with the NFL player in the news so recently, why the short term memory?


    I hope he got better treatment than I suspect.

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    On a better note -
    Woke up one morning at @ 2am and had to resort to TV before getting back to sleep. On TLC - there's the dr. who rebuilt my neck back in 2004. It shows how he took a football player - a senior in a local high school and performed a miracle on his sci. They showed a MRI image and his spinal cord looked like an "S"!
    The kid was walking again in two months.

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    This thread will now die peacefully.

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