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Thread: weather compare

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    weather compare

    Germany, City Cologne,
    Time: So. 23.09. 12.38 PM

    bright sun,

    24 Celsius, 75,2 Fahrenheit

    live web cam

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    same here
    oh well

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    In Oslo it is between 10 and 14C and clouded. The fall is here.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    First day of autumn

    San Diego, CA, USA (coastal)

    Rain and cool yesterday

    Today high of 72F and low of 57F, partially sunny. Expected to be 82F by Thursday.


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    Hampshire, England.
    Southern UK - overcast, drizzle, variable breeze, 18 degrees C. = HORRIBLE!

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    Oakville, ON ... Just North of the 43rd Parallel, SocialistLand
    Toronto, Canada, North America

    Sun Sep 23 13:05:06 EDT

    Current Condtions
    18°C 64°F sunny.

    Picture is OAKVILLE ... two blocks from home!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    San Diego, CA, USA (coastal)

    Rain and cool yesterday

    Today high of 72F and low of 57F, partially sunny. Expected to be 82F by Thursday.

    Isn't it like that there all the time?
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    Sevierville, Tennessee The high today will be 90F and the low 60F. The first day of fall, sunny, and most of the leaves are still green.

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    21 and sunshine. Time for a roll.

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    bellevue, wa, usa

    Seattle, Washington USA

    Almost time for the Seahawks game to start . . . temperature is high 50's, some drizzle this morning, some sunbreaks starting to happen now. Air smells like damp forest!

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