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Thread: If you can’t just pee when you want

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    If you can’t just pee when you want

    I was trying to scratch bandage goop off my butt and I was surprised to feel that relax my sphincter so I could squeeze out a bit more. It is not surefire but helps sometimes. Curious if it works for others, or if anyone knows why.

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    Depending on where you touched, it makes sense. The same nerves innervate the sphincter and the buttocks area, so stimulating them would cause the sphincter to relax. It's like when you do your bowel program and stimulate the rectal area-

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    I've actually done the same thing, scratching at tape residue on my lover abdomen, so I guess there are different areas. (Learned to be careful about scratching .... lol) Isn't there a way to tap somewhere to do this? The same idea?
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    Superficial skin refexes/spinal reflexes.
    Same reason if some one touches males legs or other areas, they get an erection but they don't actually feel it.


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