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Thread: my gut is growing

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    Quote Originally Posted by chick
    Just wanted to reiterate a few of cap'n's points above.

    dointime, you mentioned drinking alot - this is great in keeping you hydrated, good for bladder/kidneys etc., managing hunger by making you feel fuller, etc. but, careful not to over distend your belly with food and/or liquids. You don't have the ad muscles as before and your abs are more likely to stretch out, and since it's not as elastic as before, less likely to return (as quickly, and more readily to slowly stretch out). Ab binders can help maintain shape, even if filling belly up quite a bit. I suggest eating many more smaller meals, or spread the meals out so you get the nutrition you need throughout the day (i.e. spread a meal out over couple hours rather than eating at one sitting).
    Chick, Do you find wearing a binder uncomfortable in the summer months? They don't breathe all that much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212
    Chick, Do you find wearing a binder uncomfortable in the summer months? They don't breathe all that much.
    I've worn a binder daily for the past 19.5 yrs. Not much difference between the seasons/weather for me. Never had problems with skin breakdown under binder due to heat or related weather issue. I don't have sensation, except the feeling of pressure and constriction (need to cinch extremely tight sometimes, esp. with already small waist - relatively speaking), which is a good feeling and necessary for me to feel supported and better able to breathe.

    Immediate difference w/binder:
    breathing, dizziness(bp), energy/strength, torso support/balance/posture, etc. But overall, it's the ability to take in deep breaths (significantly with binder/ab resistance), that contributes most to well-being.

    Could you wear a thin lining inside binder to help any heat and/or discomfort felt? I wear a thin cotton wrap or other material to protect skin and cushion sensitive areas.

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    was typing.... then poof! lost it! So, here I go again...
    Quote Originally Posted by doingtimeonmyass
    Thanks everyone.
    CapnGimp, I'd like to see a sample vegetarian diet- that is what types of food makeup a complete balanced meal and how much food that is. Since vegetables are so low in calories, I would think that would be a lot of food. Could you suggest a web site or book? I could probably do the whole vegetarian thing if it weren't for my love of fish, chicken, and an occasional steak cooked medium rare. I've even tried tofu (after reading one of your posts Chick) and it's not that bad when flavored.

    I think you may have nailed part of the problem on the head, Chick. The abdominal muscles are flaccid. At night I feel super distended and not quite as bad in the morning. Later this week I have a doctor's appointment and I'm going to see about getting weighed as long as I'm there
    Seeee.... tofu ain't so bad huh

    Fish is good and provides low calories (no deep frying!), tasty meals. They also provide protein and essential oils (omega3, etc). I LOVE, LOVE fish (mainly white) and shellfish. Lean meats like chicken (white) can be good, even lean steaks. Probably best not to deprive yourself, and just eat red meats in moderation and only occasionally, as you stated. Just keeping your diet varied and healthy, you should get more than enough protein through your foods this way. Protein shakes and other replacement drinks are mostly unnecessary, unless one has issues/problems with eating and digestion, or as cap'n stated, doing some serious body building. Drinking excess protein does NOT give you muscles, especially on those not being innervated much (ingested protein doesn't just become muscle tissue). They are likely to only end up as unnecessary fillers and unutilized calories converted to/stored as fat.

    Whole fruits and veggies are a good low cal. way to feel more full and satisfied (less hungry, less likely to snack on junk).
    Better to eat your fruits whole than to drink them. As you're aware, you can get the added nutritional benefits, incl. fiber to help keep you regular AND lower cholesterol.

    btw. good to check your weight and monitor changes, but try not to get very caught up on being a certain weight.
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    I agree chick. I haven't always worn my binder, but I have for at least the last few years and it makes a huge difference how I feel in the chair. It does however make me feel a bit warmer.

    I like to eat fish a couple times a week. It doesn't take a long time to defrost and is very easy to make. I usually have mine baked with some seasoning on top. I usually eat white fish, but the occasional salmon isn't bad either.

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    The trick is to eat what makes you feel full and content without lots of calories.

    You're right. That's why i take a big glass of 100% cramberry juice no sugar added diluted with a lot of water before every meal. I feel full and i eat less. Also 1% milk and at night only cereal whole grain with more juice

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