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Thread: The snowball effect fundraiser

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    The snowball effect fundraiser

    I thought about posting this in the funding forum, but the cure forum gets so many more views. Please move this wherever it should go in the future.

    Hello all. This past summer when reading Carecure, several people had talked about doing fundraisers where you ask 10 people for $10 apiece and eventually it would snowball into a large amount of money to donate towards a cure. Well, one month ago I decided to try it and sent out an e-mail (which I posted below) to everyone in my address book asking them to donate $10 each, and for them to send it on to their address book asking the same. Some people donated more than $10, but only if they chose to. What's funny is a large portion of the donations received were from people I'd never met but had heard about me from friends or family. Today, I finally counted the money ($1915), packaged it up) and will send it to Stephen Davies lab tomorrow.

    One e-mail was able to raise almost $2000 for spinal cord injury. Supposedly there are about 250,000 people in the United States afflicted with this condition. Obviously, the majority of them don't read this web site and won't participate in a fundraiser like this, but if even 1/5 of them take 10 minutes to send an e-mail, this could raise around $100 million. As long as people know it's not a chain letter and will open it, they will forward it on. If everyone does this once a year, it's not hard to quickly raise a large amount of money.

    I urge you each to go out there, send an e-mail (copy mine if you like and modify it to your liking) and see what happens. Frankly, I'm damn tired of sitting in this chair.


    Hello all. I'm writing to see what can be accomplished by one small letter.
    As you all know, I'm an individual with quadriplegia at the C4 level which I received back in October of 2004. Several days a week I hop onto the Internet to read of recent news regarding the treatment and cure of such maladies in order to say up on the most recent research being done around the world. One such web site with information of this type is called Carecure,, which offers information on spinal cord injury care, cure, life, relationships and sexuality, equipment, research, and other such topics in order to teach individuals with SCI and others interested what is going on around the world regarding the treatment of the injuries. I check out this web site and read what doctors, researchers, and individuals afflicted with the injury have to say. Probably the most common problem with researching this injury and eventually resulting in a cure is that funding is very minimal, coming from the government, private organizations, and donors. On the web site, cure section, several people have written that if everyone with SCI asked friends to donate $10, and each friend to ask 10 people to donate $10, we could quickly snowball this into a large amount of money to donate to researchers around the world. Well, some people say that this will not work and is a poor idea for fund-raising. They believe that $10 is a small amount of cash to raise a large donation, and therefore believe we must look towards advocating for more government money or looking towards wealthy private investors.
    Well, after reading this type of talk for several weeks, I have decided that I may as well try to see what actually can happen. I'm asking each of you to donate $10 (more if you would like, but I'm not asking for it ) toward spinal cord injury research and ask 10 of your friends who might be interested in donating $10 as well. I have followed a researcher from the University of Colorado Denver, Stephen Davies ( who has come up with some very promising work done on spinal cord injury out of his lab. I urge each of you to look up information on this individual as well as to check out Carecure. I would like to donate what results out of this small fundraiser to his lab. I'm asking that the money be sent to my address, and all that is raised will go directly to Dr. Davies lab one month from today, so please if you wish to donate get it to me before then. I would like to find out how much we can raise, so please send me checks (cash if you must) made out to:

    CU Foundation, Neuro-Spinal Research Fund

    Attn: Robert Silber

    Thank you very much and let us see what a small fundraiser is able to accomplish!
    My address is:

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    How ingenious! $2K smackaroos with one email to Dr. Davies lab. You can't beat that one !!!!!!!!!!!! I know several others that are going to try your one email for one month to see if they can top your $2,000. for their favorite researchers. Great Job CHEF !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Great idea

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    I Think That Was A Good Idea.....i Was Thinking About Can We Sing Ppl Up To Donate 1$ A Week Or 4 A Month That Way It Dont Seem Like We Are Asking For A Lot Of Money If We Can Get A Million Ppl To Get Into This Habbit We Will Have A Steady Cash Flow Of 1,000,000 A Week But If We Get 10 Million Ppl We Will Have 40 Million A Month Steady Cash Flow To Fund Our Own Clinacal Trails Even Out The Country To By Pass Fda Too Speed Things Up. I Really Believe Its Very Possiable To Do If U Can Sighn Ppl Up At Colleges And At Business And Let Them Know Our Purposes Of What We Are Trying To Do And Accomplish I Really Believe Its Possiable

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    Congrats Colin on your fund raiser. Great job! I'm thrilled you chose Dr. Davies.

    Funny you should mention 'snowball effect', as I have made that very same comparison. Given the amount of 'flakes' that peruse this forum, we ought to be able to start an avalanche or two. I hope others follow your lead on this.
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    Echoing Donna's words I too think your idea is fab and I hope everyone who reads your post will consider trying it. Good luck to anyone who does. And as above - great choice of researcher

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