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Thread: Finally able to do "squats"

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    Finally able to do "squats"

    Been s-l-o-w-l-y building on what was once a toe wiggle/flicker in my leg. The left leg has become much more active than the right which is about 9 months behind. Now, on a 45 degree sliding board, I can finally do sets of squats. The returns in my legs have been like aging, they happen so slowly you don't notice them adding up.

    I've also noticed that if I let too much time go by not exercising, the nerve activity goes back into hibernation. It takes a couple days of working to get back to where I previously was. It's safe to say I would still be just wiggling my toe if not for 100's of hours of patient exercise.

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    Sounds great!


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    congrats and keep working those muscles!!!
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    keep at it - good story!

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    Keep up the good work!

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    Great news Al!

    Who makes this sliding board?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hapahouli
    Great news Al!

    Who makes this sliding board?
    I use it at the gym and had to laugh when I came home and looked it up.
    None other than Chuck Norris' Total Gym. It works great though. The board slides up and down or locks into place. It's easy to transfer onto with a spotter and adjusts for angle. I started nearly horizontal and have been working my way up.

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    WTG! Keep it up.

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    Very cool.

    Starting with a horizontal slideboard. Good idea.

    Keep at it, I'm right behind you...
    Well, not exactly but I do have slight movement in my hips and upper legs.
    Hope to be trying out the slideboard some day in the near future.

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    Yeah dog, good job. The TG is a beast and you can do so much on it. I've been using it for 2 years and am still adding exercises. Very good piece of equipment for many levels of recovery.
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