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Thread: paying caregivers while i'm on vacation

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    paying caregivers while i'm on vacation

    how much is a reasonable/fair amount to pay my caregivers while i'm gone on vacation? i'll be gone 5 days. they get $14/hr, and i need about 4 hrs of help per day total, they alternate days. i figured i'd give them about $50-100 each.

    does anyone have any guidelines on this?

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    I would think that is reasonable. I usually talk with them to get a feel on what they think, but in the end it's your call. I mean it's paid vacation that's good in it self.

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    In my opinion, this is a no-brainer. You need to pay them their full wages when you are on vacation. Just because you are on vacation doesn't mean their expenses take a vacation. You get what you pay for and you don't buy loyalty when you nickel and dime your caregivers. For the amount of money you will save it simply isn't worth the risk of fostering resentment at having their pay reduced.

    When they take vacation, that is a different story. Paid vacation is an extra benefit. But when you take vacation they still need to be paid to the extent that is humanly possible.

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    They are going on vacation with you, or you are going on vacation and they are staying home? Either way, I recommend full pay. This keeps your attendants happy, and allows them to be able to afford to continue to work for you. Most attendants live pretty much hand-to-foot and if their pay is cut at all it may mean no food for their kids or a rent check that doesn't get paid.

    If you take them with you on your vacation, you pay them what you would normally pay them (whether this is by the hour/day/week or the job) but you also pay their hotel and airfare, and any meals where they need to assist you, or entertainment where you need them to assist you. If you give them time off on their own during the trip, then of course their expenses at that time are up to them.


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    If you're paying $14.00/hr on the books where taxes are taken out and you can deduct then I agree with nurse and crags and pay them full wages. If you're paying under the table then I wouldn't think you should pay anything while on vacation because that is good money to be making and not have to claim as income. I don't have a caregiver yet that I have to pay but I'm sure that day will come. I guess I will have to start thinking now on how I would handle certain situations.

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    We pay my mother's attendent when we go on vacation (and I act as my mother's attendant). We don't withhold for her and pay with a check weekly (nothing is withheld).

    In my experience, if you travel a lot or for long periods (weeks) or if you are hospitalized, and you don't pay your attendant, often when you return you no longer have an attendant. They cannot live without an income, so will often move on and take another job in that case. Paying them while you are out of town, in the hospital, etc. is insurance for them remaining in your employ. Of course if you are paying them while you are in the hospital, they should come to the hospital and help with your care as well.


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    I agree, if you have good care givers, would'nt want to loose them. I advised my daughter to treat her sitter the same way. She had a gem and the woman was charging half of what a day care would have charged.

    I also suggested to her when they went on vacation to bring her baby sitter back some kind of little gift. Nothing expensive, just a little something from whatever area they were traveling to. I think she collected coffee mugs, so that made it real easy.

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