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Thread: When you got parazlyed, how long before operating, steriods yes or no?

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    When you got parazlyed, how long before operating, steriods yes or no?

    That thread about how you got hurt made me wonder about this issue...

    I remember in rehab talking to 2 kids around my age who also were around my level but were alot worse.

    The one kid fell 3 feet from his brother and him wrestling and was c6 "incomplete", same as the other kid, "incomplete" but they functioned as completes....

    I asked when what the sugeron did for them, the one kid said he didn't get to sugery for like a week, the other kid said the same and with no steriods.

    It makes me think they are so messed up not because their injury but because the doctors didn't do the right thing.

    They both weren't operated on right away, and had no other injuries.
    They both weren't given steriods.

    I was given both steriods and operated on within 4 hours of my injury.

    As you all know, the longer the spine swells the more screwed your going to be.

    So both these kids actual spinal cord could have been fine and if they were to supress the swelling ASAP the spinal cord wouldn't have been choked to death, causing scare issue and making them function as a complete when really they should have been very incomplete.

    So I was curious, how did the doctor treat your injury and are you "incomplete" or "complete" and did you get any recovery after?

    Perhaps there is no connection but was curious on the outcome.
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    Hmm, well, I got started on steroids probably about 7 or 8 hours after I was paralyzed. That happened as soon as the doctors saw something on my spine on my emergency mri. I had surgery to remove the blood which paralyzed me about 12 hours (I think) after I became paralyzed. I had a complete injury, and even despite swift surgery and steroids, it remains pretty much the case. I feel happy with the treatment I got - it really couldn't have happened any quicker. Also, I'm glad that at least I got given steroids swiftly, even if they didn't lead to any recovery, because I don't have to wonder "what if?ETA: no paragraphs in my message for some reason. I dunno why.

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    i got steriods but wasnt operated for 1wk

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    Steroid at like 7.5 hours (I knew about them and I was raising hell LOL), surgery at about 12. In Houston you have to wait for the OR to open up. What was weird to me, they were so worried about stitching up my face ASAP.

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    Less than 24 hours, steroids and surgery. Hate to think of what might be if they waited longer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by quadvet
    Less than 24 hours, steroids and surgery. Hate to think of what might be if they waited longer!
    Exact same situation here. Steroids and surgery within 24 hours. Still complete.
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    steroid within 2 hours , surgery 1 year later. i wonder if they would of removed the pressure right away , were i would be today.
    oh well

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    No steroids. No surgery on my back till five days later. Apparently I was very medically unstable. Justification was that my torn aorta had to be dealt with first, before attention could be focused onto my spine. However, I was transferred to a different hospital to fix my spine then the hospital where my aorta was repaired.

    This thread has caused me to think that the first hospital was woefully unprepared to deal with spinal cord injuries. I can remember being conscious in the ambulance and the driver asked me from which hospital I wanted to seek treatment. I told him the hospital that was best equipped to deal with SCIs. He told me the hospitals (that are close to each other) were both good. Apparently they weren't equally good...

    I'm not going to bang on the doctors for my care though. I've got a decent leg (minus sensation) that permits me to hobble around with a KAFO on the other and the use of a cane. Long distances are only via chair, but nonetheless I can get around. Could I be better? Maybe. Could I be worse? I suppose being dead is worse.

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    I had steroids w/in three hours and surgery w/in four. I'm an "incomplete", but might as well be a complete! A quick surgery and steroids did nothing for me(except getting slight sensation back in in two teeny tiny patches-gee thanks).Of course, maybe I could've been worse w/o the steroids.I think a lot of it depends on how bad your nerves were damaged to begin with too and if your spinal cord was streched.
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    Surgery was about 15 hours later-bone fragment removed, tear in dura repaired and fused T6-10. Had bruised lungs and broken ribs. I was given some kind of steriod but do not know which one. I have been labeled "complete". Am slowly recovering some perceived sensation below my level of injury.

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