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    History Chanel

    has anybody been watching the series on the Universe. some crazy stuff out there. it's just so interesting and hard to grasp all that is going on out there. i never knew the biggest mystery in the universe is gravity. nobody really understands it. the other thing that was cool , is that no one mind can understand it all out there. it takes many minds put together to just understand a small amount of whats going on. we are all part of the universe one way or another. were like a speck of dust to it all. the next one is on our sun. this has to be real interesting. can't wait till they get that new telescope up there.
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    I keep my TV turned onto the history channel starting at 6:00 a.m. when I wake up. History in the classroom starts my day. You have hit on the reason that engineering, science, medicine, law and most of the other professions are so satisfying to the right people. They are so big that you will never get your arms around them. What new telescope are you talking about?

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    there was some info on it a few months back. it will be put far from the earth and is like 10 times hubble or even more. check the nasa site out. pretty much all i watch anymore to. they had the wiring of America last night. from the telegraph , electricty , to the internet. some crazy stuff on how routers control everything that goes through the internet. i never knew the internet was started in 1973. was a great show. i'm glad things are getting better for ya , Acarson
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