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Thread: pain in the butt

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtf
    when I'm out with my new b/f or out shopping is when I don't think about the pain, its when I get home and I'm alone that the pain seems to worsen.
    WTF, it's all in your head I've been told so many times. Sorry, i hate this damn pain! Sorry you got it also.

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    While I find that often if I get busy, or go out, my pain doesn;t seem as bad as well. But I think that part of that is b/cif I CAN get busy or go out, it is because the pain level wasn;t as bad to start with. On a really bad day, going out, and getting busy with anything isn;t an option.


    I have similar pain in my butt, and like someone else posted, it get worse as the day continues. Mine is helped by getting out of my chair, and lying down. But that isn;t always an option, or how I want to spend my time. I take lyrica, but also find that the percocets I take for non-nerve pain help knock the edge of the nerve pain as well.

    re, when I can't sleep b/c pain, I sometimes do suduko puzzles, or play computer solitaire games. Something that requires some brain involvement, but not tons of it. It doesn;t help me get to sleep, but passes the time. I can;t really read, or do anything that requires a lot of concentration.
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    Does anyone get intenstinal cramps along with back burning and anal spasms and burning. I hurt the more I sit so I am wonderin if it's anus related. Also the neuropathic pain is a mess. I remember they would do my bowel program every morning while in rehab after my accident. STUCK a suppoditory in at 6:30 and then 30 mg of baclofin 3 x's a day. The 3 stool sofeners also now seems like it would contribute to pain.

    The doctor would come in every morning at around 6 am, before a bowel program at 7 am. Addressing the doctor as I would wake up in burning and buzing skin, he would reply, it's in your head.

    So I would do the bowels and then move aloing to physical therapy. Was put on a schedule of a stool softener and 30 mg of baclofen also that I would later stop doing and felt better after stopping. Seemed that the emptying of bowels and physical therapy help to relieve the gas that would get trapped and hurt me every morning.

    I seem to be getting more gas than my body can handle and was wonderin if anyone here hurts more sitting up than laying down. But then laying down causes gas to get trapped. What can be done?

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    Has anyone ever thought to snug a belt around the hips and buttocks to keep them from spreading out so much? This might help in regards to keeping the muscles of the buttock from stretching out and going into spasm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by christopher
    In my dreams I'm walking on my hands the pain is so bad.
    chris..i'm not laughing at ya cause i have these same pains.

    but that made my eyes water.

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