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Thread: pain in the butt

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    Thumbs down pain in the butt

    literally. i read somewhere here that this isn't neuropain so what is it? i don't have sensation below injury level. and it kills so bad! i feel like my butt's on fire. spent most of the day lying in bed and just ytook three neurontin and a clonex. help me please!

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    I know what you mean, my butt is constantly hurting as well. The right side always hurts more than the left. I don't know if the fact I am more disabled on my left side has anything to do with it or not. I've yet to establish a cause and effect reason for the pain. The first thing I do at night is have someone look at my butt. I've had excruciating days and found a lot of wrinkles on my butt from my pants. And other days where the pain is equally as bad and not have a mark on me..

    Does getting off your butt actually help? Do you wake up with the pain?

    Just getting off of it doesn't necessarily lessen the pain in my case. I sleep on my side every night and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night in more pain than when I went to bed. Because of this I've tried changing my sleeping position with pillows and that doesn't seem to help. Having someone range my legs more doesn't help either.

    Although today I am not in nearly as much pain as I was yesterday. The only thing different I can think of is that I actually slept through the night last night without waking up once. That is very rare for me.

    Sorry you are in so much pain. I wish there was something I could tell you other than you're not alone.

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    Same here. My burning starts at the toosh and goes right down to the toes. My hands hurt like h@@l, too. I take gabapentin for it, it helps, most of the time, not all the time. It never stops. Doc says it's neuro pain. Some days, I can't stand sitting. Standing helps, but I can't stand for long.

    Wish they could find a med for neuropathic pain, that works. I'm sorry for anyone who has to deal with it. It's ugly.........

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    Talking Me too

    Sorry to hear. As Smokey will tell you... I too have that awful non stop Neuro Pain that is in the butt, legs all areas below injury level. It burns, feels very heavy and rusty.... stiff in the mornings when I wake up, like I am rusted together. It is truly awful. I take real hard core pain meds, Opiates, because it helps a little. The Gabipentin and Nurontin does absolutely nothing for me at all. Aspirin does more? I don't have any faith in those type of meds because Most people.. its the same. even at super high doses, they rarely help those with high pain. I think they do OK, for these who have a little burning and a low level of pain. But for those of us... with the level of pain that puts us in bed for days... these meds, simply do work that well. I have never ever spoken to anyone, that is in the "High Pain Club" like me, that Gabipentin or Nurontin works. Its not just me... its is definitely a majority. They go to those meds because they try to get people to buy off on them... as a first choice... so they can not prescribe real pain med, because of the dangers Dr.'s have and liability of prescribing real pain medicine. So beware of the Nurontin shuffle... thats all it is... when you have High Pain... a shuffle! LOL, Good Luck.
    Mike (Florida)

    Cant we get 1 do over?

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    Same symptoms, I got it bad too. It's totally erratic. I don't think the mind ever totally accepts it and is obsessed with making sense of it. I understood it to be neuropathic pain. I do find it is exacerbated by physical pain or stimulation. Like Doingtime, just a wrinkle can make the pain skyrocket. But it also skyrockets for no apparent reason, which is most of the time. I can only sleep when totally exhausted, and never for more than 2-3 hours before the pain overwhelms again.

    Plus all that other stuff you guys mention...

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    I know both Mike and Quadvet have it bad. That lack of sleep thing drives me crazy. Before sci, I only slept 4-6 hrs a nite. Now, I'm up about 12 hours and in bed about 12 and still lucky to get 4 hours total sleep. Some nites, not much at all. Tired most of the time, in pre sci days, that would have been enough rest and I would be up and on the move.

    I'd like to go stronger on the meds, but the doc, so far, has said no. And maybe he's right, being a zombie would'nt help either.

    Wish I knew something to help you Mimin. You're certainly welcome to vent to us anytime, we know how you feel.

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    Welcome to the CLUB! Talk about feeling like you have had an ass Woopin or gettin the mud hole stompped in it.

    I have it bad and it soooo sucks as well as the pain in my hips. Nothing stops the pain in my butt. I just deal with it. We are sure not alone.

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    yup, the pain in the ass is not just an expression.
    It was more severe 30 years ago. Over time the pains have moved as well.
    Love that feeling of having my skin slammed in a car door daily.

    Only time the pain increases for me is with a fever. Luckily anything that brings my temp down brings the pain down.

    No pain drugs for me. Like the clear head. Sorry.. no tips to provide.
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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    Thanks for the replies. Doingtime, I think you're right abt the sleep thing. I slept pretty well last night (thx to another clonex), and this morning was bearable. Pain came back a few hours later though. Smoky, what do u do when u're awake in bed? I go stircrazy!

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    My ass feels like its on fire all the way down to my toes. When i can't sleep i put my TV on and try to find something boring on and i usually fall asleep.
    Be always determined in Life and Love

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