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Thread: my wife needs sleep

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    Wink my wife needs sleep

    hello kids haven,t been on for a while sorry. I have a quick question, Sally doesn"t sleep, she might get an hour or so but for the most part just lays there staring into space. Anything like this happen to anyone out there, and any advise. Thanks, Spike

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    Does she end up sleeping duing the day? i used to take sleeping meds every night but slowly stopped when i came home from hospital. then again i had some sleeping problems before also

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    Depression? Her injury is relatively new, its very common. Your lives must have changed.

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    yea it used to happen to me in the first few years. Basically I just wasnt doing enough during the day to put me to sleep....and my mind would wonder at night and worry. What is her day like? How active id she?

    Im asleep within 10 mins of hitting the pillow now...sometimes well before!

    If she lays awake at night then get her up and yall do something to take her mind off of beats the hell out of counting ceiling tiles
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    I have a lot of trouble GETTING to sleep. My whole bedtime routine is so physically involved; transferring, undressing etc isn't all that difficult any more but still is work; that by the time I am done I am not sleepy anymore.
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    Sometimes ... when I wake up in the morning Bill is still watching TV and hasn't been to sleep all night ... his sleep schedule is screwed up big time ...... and then he'll have a night where he sleeps like a baby .... all .. night ... long !! Might be the drugs ... might be the weather ... might be how busy he was that day who knows ..... we just roll with it ....

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    She is very active during the day. She has threarpy 3 times a week and then comes home and works in the garden or around the house. She takes power naps in the afternoon but not for very long. when she first goes to bed she'll sleep for about an hour or two then she wakes up and is awake. Once in a while she'll wake me up to help her move into a more comfy position. Maybe she will try sleeping pills, gotta talk to the doc.

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    Have you asked Mrs. Spike why she's not sleeping? Is it pain? Is she worried? Having spasms? What is she thinking when she isn't sleeping for all those hours?

    My sleep patterns are not the same as pre-SCI. I don't sleep as long or as well. Spasms and pain can be my greatest impediments to a good night's sleep. Sometimes I'm awake and cannot tell you why.

    Has she tried Melatonin? It's OTC and can help some people sleep. CapnGimp/John had suggested it for me. Mrs. Spike may wish to check with her doc first to ensure Melatonin is not contraindicated/a bad combo with any meds she's taking.

    Hope the Sandman finds her on a more regular basis soon.

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    mrs spike here

    Yes, we talk about drugs. I've been so against putting chemicals in my bod my entire life which is why I haven't taken sleeping pills. Of course now being SCI, I am a walking pharmacy, it shouldn't bother me!

    We have talked about the 'whys' of me not sleeping. Sometimes I am uncomfortable and need to flip when I just can't do it. Mike works hard in the heat all day... I feel bad having to wake him up, so I just lay there doing isometrics, watch tv or just thinking. Other times my legs or hips will do the super-spaz and after a while of trying everything I can to stop it, I will wake him up. But I wait till I just can't stand it anymore.

    I think most of the time though, I am just wide awake after a good 1-2 hour nap and lay there. Before I got hurt, I would lay awake and think in the middle of the night. That's when I would get my most creative ideas for work or solve a challenge I was stuck on. Maybe this is just like that, just pretty darn inconvenient when I work so hard in therapy or the garden!!

    Thanks for all of the input! I'm glad I'm not alone out there!!

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    This is a very common problem with many but you should not worry much about it and just give it some time. I can figure out from her routine that she is active during the day but during night the mind becomes more active may be due to depression and negative thoughts.

    IMO this can be cured with some personal and professional counselling along with some prescribed drugs.
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