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Thread: Spinal cord injury

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    Spinal cord injury

    Is it possible to have lesions on both sides of your spinal cord at two different spots?

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    Is this a common occurrence with spinal cord injury?

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    It is common to have two levels that are a level or two apart (such as C5 and C6 or C8 and T1, etc.) but less common to have them further apart than this. It is also possible to have two separate complete injuries (for example both a cervical and a lumbar injury).


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    Thank you

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    A couple of years ago I worked with a patient while on acute rehab with a cervical level "complete" injury, and she also had a thoracic level spinal injury- it was the mechanism of the accident which caused this. A double whammy- We keep in touch and she has had some significant return in the years following. Obviously she was not "complete", but that is the weakness of the ASIA scale.

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