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    Neve block

    Has anyone found that nerve blocks help with pain? I have a new pain management doc and he would like to try it. Thanks in advance.

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    had one few months ago. did nothing.

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    I have not had any since my SCI as a quad. I had Sciatica associated w/ three slipped discs in my lower back previous to my injury to my neck. Nerve blocks helped greatly -the only thing that did,besides losing weight.Good luck!

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    Thanks. Will log in and report back.

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    worth a try
    cauda equina

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    So I had the series of 3 done at T1, T6, and T9 got a CT to try to explain "new"pain, and guess what? My fusion failed and my back re broke at T6 after Harrington Rod removal last year, have developed mild kyphosis, and decrease in all height. Yes, it's taken me 1 year to find out why I was losing balance, couldn't walk as well, neurogenic bladder returned (after I rehabbed from original injury in "05, I could finally void spontaneously), "new" intense mid back pain and an over all feeling that something was "not right" Doc around where I live kept telling me that this was how I was supposed to feel because I am an SCI patient. I explained to them that according the info given to me by the doc I was not supposed to go backwards. Then he stopped trying to help me and sent me a letter stating that the rod removal could not cause me to have scoliosis/ kyphosis. After 6 neurosurgeons I finally found one at Hopkins who would finally listen to me and try to find out what was wrong. Also had SSEP done and am waiting to hear if I need to have another surgery to fix what broke... Can I just say that this sucks the big ones! S, here I go again around this crazy merry go round called life At least I'm not dead

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    Don't think I can get nerve blocks for my upper back pain, as my injury is cervical.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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