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Thread: Your Favorite YouTube Videos

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    Not YouTube, but here is a mesmerizing video of a performance of Chinese dancers using intricate hand and arm movements.

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    This is a series of still pictures but it still makes me laugh:

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    GJ, what's even more amazing is that your video is of a deaf dance troupe. They have signalers at the corners of the stage to keep them in time, and they've won many awards.

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    Bad Romance by Lady GaGa has surpassed over 400 million views.

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    An administrator made me remove my signature.

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    I jumped to the end of thread,so I don't know if someone said the one with buffalos,lions,and croc,but one of founders also agrees; it's one of the best.I laughed at the one with the news reporter and reptile handler, classic. GS8

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