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Thread: OMG, What do I do with my mom?

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    Hey, someone new was asking a legitimate and important question and there has been a great discussion here that could benefit others. Please, let's not ruin it.

    I can hear my father now, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all."
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    Thank you Tiger Racing and Lynnifer for the moderating. I don't know why that cass lady brought up that old post. It was actually more than 2 weeks ago, so I had to go back through the thread to see what the context was. It was actually a discussion between Tiger Racing, Todd, and myself re: religion so I guess it was off topic. I'm sorry about that.

    Kenf - your post to Tiger Racing was not a decent way to speak to a lady. But I still like you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny
    Dr. Young says studies show that the single greatest contributor to post-injury happiness is education. That's right, it isn't recovery. I think you SHOULD work hard at PT. I also think you need to get your ducks in a row to be financially independent and fulfilled in your employment for the rest of your life.
    Wisest words spoken in this thread - no pun intended.

    Whatever else happens in your like, know this Becky. Investing in your education is the single greatest thing you can do for yourself. Going to school and PT at the same time is an amazing achievement.

    Your family may not fully comprehend everything you do in life just to survive. Despite my achievements, my father often has a few insensitive words to, in his mind, keep spurring me on. In my case, I know my father has my best interests at heart (usually!) and has never ever implied I am stuck in my chair through lack of effort.

    You have every reason to feel proud of yourself for all of your efforts and accomplishments. You can tell your mother I said so.

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    why don't you move out?

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