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Thread: brain controlled wheelchair

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    brain controlled wheelchair

    kinda interesting. although i resent the opening sentence.

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    Lol. The first line is like saying handicaps don't use their brain or something. Yeah, Stephen Hawking don't use his mind at all.
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    well it is open source now and instructions are posted, see my post in life, instructions are on the site" instructables"
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    I can't remember the name of the movie, but it was about a real life vent dependent quad and Christopher Reeves was involved in making it, but in the movie she had a "mouth plate"controlled wheelchair. I guess they thought Lacey Chabert was prettier without the sip and puff control in the way? But I thought that was a VERY interesting idea. I'm pretty sure it was fictional since I've never seen anything similar elsewhere, but she supposedly controlled her power chair by a retainer in her mouth and using her tongue. In real life it probably couldn't be done without affecting speech negatively.
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    probably get pretty gross too! hard to keep clean and talk.
    i met a high school student last September at a maker faire , he built this hand that was totally articulated, it was metal and all the joints moved like a real hand. It worked off nerve impulses in the arm. really incredible, his design, fantastic , there is a future with this generation.
    especially that the maker movement is catching on big time and kids are into it, many high schools have robot clubs.
    the design last year i saw , that for under 100 bucks a artist with locked in syndrome, 30 year old maybe, was able to draw with lasers on the big blank wall outside his hospital window. A pair of sub 10 dollar boardwalk glasses that were atached to a device that tracked his retina, and the movement of the retina through a arduino microcontroller powered amd moved the lasers.
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    You're thinking of the Brooke Ellison Story. The tongue-controlled interface was a real thing, just not ready for prime time. When in the planning stages for my last wheelchair, I looked into getting it. The wheelchair vendor never heard back from the company though, so I sent my California-based uncle to visit the address on their website. He discovered only an empty office. Turns out the device never got FDA approval because they were quite delicate and kept breaking down, so Medicaid would never pay for a chair controlled by one.

    That one used buttons you pressed with your tongue on a plate on the roof of your mouth. I believe someone else was working on a magnetic one controlled by a stud piercing in your tongue. Wonder how that's coming? I'm not the type to get a tongue piercing otherwise (despite my badass neck piercing), but for ease of mobility I sure would.

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