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Thread: our school system

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    I like your response addiesue!
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    I loved your response to the teacher. I just hope she doesn't begrudge your son because of it. If she does, I'm sure you know what to do.

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    He seems happy in his class. I am at the school as much as possible to keep an eye on things. His teacher is still friends with my exhusband so he should be fine. Thanks everyone.
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    I also agree with the response you gave, and hope it did'nt go up and over!

    I'm glad you're at the school often, nothing like a teacher making it ruff on a child, enough to make them not like school.

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    Looks like the OP was removed, so I've removed my response.

    Carry on, folks! Nothin' to see here!

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    TR, who are you talking to? I'm lost.

    (spammer post removed or something?)
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    ?? Me too. A month lost apparently.

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