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Thread: Tailbone Gets Pressure Sore When Sleeping On Back....Need New Alternating Pressure Mattress...

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    Tailbone Gets Pressure Sore When Sleeping On Back....Need New Alternating Pressure Mattress...

    Can anyone recommend a good "overlay" alternating pressure mattress(or a new mattress for a king's size bed).

    If I sleep on my back....the alternating pressure mattress that I have now (Grant Air Mass Y Pad - with 2 inch thick air chambers - pictured below)doesn't give my tailbone enough pressure relief.

    I sleep now rotating side to side...but the "fold" in my skin when I sleep on either side turns into a pressure sore of it's own.

    Hence, if I can find a new alternating air mattress overlay (or new mattress for that matter) that could enable me to sleep on my back 7 nights a week and provide enough relief for my tailbone...I would be happy.

    Any help would be appreciated!!!

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    My hubby had many problems with mattresses over the years also. We went through one a year for a while. It was awful! Here's what finally worked for us, we bought a Select Comfort and then we bought memory foam mattress toppers. Boy, what a difference. We went from turning him every half hour to hour to him not being repositioned for up to 8 hours some nights. What a blessing. Since you already have a King size bed, all you would have to buy is just the select comfort mattress and not the box spring. They'll let you do that. Then just go to and buy the 3 inch memory foam topper. It's around $130.00. We also bought the 2 inch one giving us a total of 5 inches of memory foam. If you need a bed that raises up like a hospital bed does, just purchase the mattress genie. It works really well with this type of set up. Some friends of ours tuned us in to all of this, and we were forever grateful. I hope this will help you as well...

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    I use an Ehob mattress overlay .. had flap surgery on my rump fifteen years ago .. never another problem.

    Important not to fill it with too much air though or you're creating pressure. Odd that you would get sores from an alternating air mattress ... something can't be right there.

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    The therapist for my son recommends a temperpedic mattress for maximum pressure relief. Has anyone tried that?

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    Check out the Grant Airmass.


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    I use a GEO Mat. It is 4 inches thick of foam with cut ridges on it. I have useed it for a year and no sores. I think thick foam is better than air mattreses.

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    Personally, I consider a thin "alternating" pressure overlay like you are using pretty much worthless for pressure reduction. It does not really reduce pressure significantly. It alternates with significantly increased pressures over what you would find in a regular bed.

    I would consider either a pressure reducing mattress or an overlay of either good quality foam (like the Geomatt or Biogard AFT) or an airfilled overlay such as the Roho bed mat.


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    My daughter uses a temperpedic adjustable bed and it is great .. it is as good as anything I have tried.

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    I sleep on select comfort air bed. I have had no problems with it at all. Also at the select comfort stores, they will pressure map you when your laying on the bed, so you know how much air to use when you sleep.

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    I have had some of my clients complain about viscoelastic mattresses (like the TempurPedic) because they feel it is more difficult to turn. Once they lay in a position for a while it feels like they have to climb up out of a "pit" to turn or move. Anyone else have problems with this?


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