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    YouTube Video

    This is really good,

    Also, Grammy came up with the idea of a youtube site as an advocacy tool, profesirx has a powerful youtube site.

    i just saw his tribute to Wise

    my 2 day old youtube site

    any ideas on how we can do this and use it are very welcome

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    That video is great. Wonder how it would play in the mainstream media? Do you think that they would play it?

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    Yes! Leo, this is exactly the type of publicity that I think will help generate public interest and awareness! I would challenge each and every carecure member to be working on making their video for youtube and have it ready to download when Steven Edwards starts the letter blitz about researchers of SCI and the quest for funding future clinical trials...He has a well thought out plan that several members are diligently working on and making great progress for the campaign.
    The videos can be short, long, political, personal, satire, documentary, emotional, educational or anything your heart desires. It is a great way for everyone to contribute and publicize their quest and thoughts on a cure for SCI and be a major part toward the media blitz and plea for funding awareness and clinical trial needs here in the USA. Not only is it a contribution to this push, but a perfect way for each person to blow off some steam and finally be heard out there in the public...I would like to see youtube flooded with video when Steven and the other members begin the letter blitz!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tons of ideas for videos if anyone needs an idea or subject to work on. I can't put your video together for you, but could give you some ideas of ones that I personally think would have some sensational impact... Hopefully, everyone that can do a youtube will enjoy the teamwork on this endeavor! It could be awesome!! We'll find out from Steven Edwards what date he wants everyone to download youtube creations so they coincide with the letter from researchers blitz !!! Grammy

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