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Thread: Pregabalin Effective in Treating Pain in Patients With Chronic Central Neuropathic Pa

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    Pregabalin Effective in Treating Pain in Patients With Chronic Central Neuropathic Pa

    Pregabalin Effective in Treating Pain in Patients With Chronic Central Neuropathic Pain After Spinal Cord Injury: Presented at EFNS

    • By Chris Berrie

      BRUSSELS, BELGIUM -- August 29, 2007 -- Long-term treatment with pregabalin shows a safety profile consistent with that previously reported, while providing further increased and sustained improvements in patients with chronic central neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury (SCI), say researchers. They add that the vast majority of patients showed relapses during the mandatory drug holidays.

      The potent binding of pregabalin to the alpha2-delta subunit protein of voltage-gated channels is known to reduce stimulus-induced calcium influx at nerve terminals and thus to reduce the release of several neurotransmitters. Through these actions, pregabalin has been shown to have efficacy in trials with patients with peripheral neuropathic conditions.

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    Not in this patient.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Pregabalin, which I believe is Lyrica has had mixed reactions from folks on this forum. I took it for a while and got no greater relief then I was getting from Gabapentin, while paying significantly more money for it. This is just another drug I believe that is primarily an anti seizure medication which has shown some pain relieving qualities for some people. Wouldn't it be nice if Pfizer took some of their enormous profits and spent them on some real research for an effective drug for CP instead of just developing a replacement for Neurontin which has outllived its patent.

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    i tried lyrica awhile back. i started getting these sores on my ankles that took quit a long time to heal so i quit the lyrica and they went away.

    i few months later i thought it might be a fluke or i had scraped my ankles or something. i started the lyrica again and sure enough, i got these sores on my ankles, quit the lyrica and they went away. i guess i'm allergic to it. it did help with my neuro pain a little better than the gabapentin though.

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    has anybody who has taken lyrica noticed a change in there mental thinking. I have noticed myself not thinking very clearly and behaiving in a way I never would have before.I have made a lot of poor choices since I started lyrica. I think I am going to get of it.

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    I take the gabapentin. I don't think any of them work, great. I agree with Mike, there's enough people suffering from neuro pain, it'd be nice to have a good treatment for it. All I get from it is the pain is less intense, never goes away.

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    weight gain weight gain , both of them .
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