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Thread: Neck injury paralyses actor

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    Neck injury paralyses actor

    Neck injury paralyses actorLast updated: Thursday, August 30, 2007Actor Eric Holm (25) is recovering well after he sustained a serious spinal cord injury on Friday when he dove into a manmade lake in Secunda - damaging his neck at the C-5 vertebrae that left him paralysed.,41773.asp

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    he's going to rehab after only a week in the icu? am i the only one who thinks this is weird?

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    Hi mimin,

    yes a bit early......maybe it's not as bad as reported...hope so

    this seemed odd also,

    "I had my video camera with me. When I saw something was wrong I ran to where he was, video camera in hand.

    "When Erik saw it, he asked me to record everything. 'Are you sure?' I asked him. 'Yes, I want it for posterity,' Erik replied"

    A nurse who happened to be at the waterfront that day stabilised Holm, and ensured that the vertebrae in his neck didn't suffer further damage.

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    We have admitted patients to our rehab program within 3 days after their injury. The sooner the person gets to the specialized care setting, the better for outcomes. This has been shown in a number of studies.


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    The longer you lay the more you lose and have to recover in the event there is recovery to be had.

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    then i hope it's a good sign that he was stable enough

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    I went to rehab after a week, even after fighting off pneumonia days before.Of course, I begged to go b/c I thought I'd get my hands back through therapy-which I didn't.God,those days were hell!

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    I went to rehab 4 days after my injury. Even though I was in a halo and I couldn't move anything except for eyes, mouth, face, I thought for sure I'm going to regain everything back, at worst maybe not my legs. All the people that I have seen in wheelchairs before could move everything, except the legs. Shows how much I new about people with disabilities.

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