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Thread: Handicap parking be mis-used

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    Angry Handicap parking be mis-used

    I know we have all been there when you are looking for a Handicap parking spot and you see someone parked in a Handicap parking spot and get out and run into the store. Or someone that is overweight and using a Handicap parking spot when they need the exercise. I just think Doctors give out handicap parking passes out to easy. When I was AB I never parked in the handicap spot or wanted to mis-use them.
    I would really like to see something done about this. There should be a bigger fine for the people that use them. If a Cop spots someone that is AB using a parking pass, they should be able to give them a ticket regardless if they have a permit. If anything a person that is AB and does need a handicap parking spot, they should have some kind of license that shows they do need the spot. This would help reduce the people that use a handicap parking spot with a permit that is for someone else. People that are overweight maybe need to have a different type of parking spot permit. I know people would start bitching because of all the different kinds of Handicap parking spots. I just thing people that are overweight shouldn't be using the same spots.
    Please don't get me wrong about this, I just think the Handicap parking spots are being mis-used way to much. I hate to see a lot of open parking spots that can't be used because they are for the Handicap only, but if we had control of this problem, then we wouldn't need as many parking spots available. I do agree that elderly people should be able to park in the handicap spots, if anything they deserve them. I would give up a Handicap spot for an elderly person because it doesn't bother me as much as it would them to go the extra distance. The main than that bothers me is in the winter time when there is a lot of snow and there are no Handicap spots. Everyone here knows how much it can be a pain in the ass to wheel through snow. Shit, on nice days I don't mind parking further away because it's nice out. I just need to find a spot where no one can park next to my driver's door and block me in.
    Hoping people don't mind me venting, I just read a post here that a Handicap person had to go back home because all the parking spots were used up and I wanted to say something about it. Maybe I should of just replied to his post with this message, but wanted to see how everyone else feels about this problem. I have also gone to NASCAR races and there were no Handicap parking spots because they were all filled up and had to wheel a mile to the rase track. On the way my tire blew out, so I was wheeling around the race track with a flat tire all day and anyone that has been to a NASCAR race knows how much of a pain in the ass it can be wheeling around a NASCAR track with all the hills.
    Lets hear you opinions

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    I feel the same way. I don't think overweight ppl should get one either. That just contributes to morbid obesity as far as I'm conserned. They shouldn't be able to use those motorized carts either. I've seen quite a few ppl who need them unable to use them because some hippo's got it.

    I'm biased on the old folks.
    If it's some 70 year old who can still run the Boston marathon who wants one cause he's over 60, well, no. But now the little 80 year ol woman who scoots when she walks and has a O2 tank backpack, well yes.....definately.
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    I thought the requirement to receive a H/C permit was "unable to walk 200 feet without assistance or without stopping to rest." By this definition (if it is accurate) it's possible to tell who's cheating and who's not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jccarolina
    They shouldn't be able to use those motorized carts either. I've seen quite a few ppl who need them unable to use them because some hippo's got it.
    Some "hippo"? What an obnoxious thing to say.


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    I wish they'd separate the spots into 'wide spaces' and regular parking spots. I think that would help with this problem.

    Remember it will only get worse as the population ages .. so it will have to be dealt with sooner or later.
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    The problem is that in the ADA that is the definition for handicap but most states have a lot loser standard for handicap. Here in CA it is ridiculas, I read an article which said that 1 in 16 people have a placards. If you have heart, breathing problems then you qualify for the handicap spot. It is left to the doctors to decide if they get a placard or not. Actually here in CA nurse practitioners, midwifes can now give placards out.

    My favorite thing is when people go to the mall. What are you going to do in the mall? Walk, so why not walk a little farther to a parking spot. I think most of us want the parking spot not because it is close to the entrance of the place but because they are wide and we can get in and out of places. Someone said that we should just get rid of handicap parking and just make parking spaces a little wider. Thinking about it that wouldn't be to bad of an idea.

    Raising the fine won't do anything. How rare does someone get busted? In my 11 years as a cop I only busted 2.

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    The reason for putting them close to an entrace is so that you're not wheeling from the back of the parking lot and having someone back into you because they couldn't see you.

    I agree though. I'd rather take my chances. Give me a wide spot I don't care where so no one parks next to my 2-door and I can't get in.
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

    T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12

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    Maybe not much can be done about doctors giving out hc plates to those who they feel need them however I take great issue with those who use others hc cards and not issued to them in the first place. I read somewhere that the idea of putting a photo on the placard would help deter inappropriate use. Of course the photo would be placed facing in the vehicle. I think that is an excellent idea and at least at events parking it could be policed quite well since most events are paid parking and the attendent could see who it belongs to.

    I have always tried to never judge someones hidden disability but it does seem that there is much abuse by sharing of placards AND doctors freely distributing them only to give a bad name to those with hidden disabilities who truly need them as those who use chairs.

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    I didn't think about the wheeling around the parking lot......I would wear a hat with a red light on top in lieu of the placard. It is going to get worse in the next couple of years. You guys with ramps must have an even harder time.

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    One could argue that someone in a chair that can use their arms perfectly well has no need for handi-capped parking...

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