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Thread: Martin in ARMY#8

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    Martin in ARMY#8

    The mystery of who will drive the No. 8 car is solved.
    So is the mystery of who would fill the team's fourth driver slot.DEI, in announcing its lineup for the 2008 season, says Mark Martin will share the ride with Aric Almirola. Martin will drive a similar shortened schedule to the one he drove this year.
    The ride will be sponsored by the U.S. Army.
    Meanwhile, Regan Smith joins the organization as its fourth driver, with his number and sponsor to be named later. He shared duties with Martin this season.
    Martin said "This has been a great opportunity for me and this team. It's a great honor to drive for Dale Earnhardt, Inc. and it's a great honor to drive the No. 8 car for this organization. I raced against Dale Earnhardt for a lot of years and I know what kind of competitor he was on the track. We have a really big legacy to live up to, but I'm confident that we are putting together an organization that he would be proud of."
    Anchoring the team will be Martin Truex Jr., currently 10th in the standings, and Paul Menard.

    When will he retire?I use to like him but he is not a man of his word.Either drive full time or retire.The part time driving ticks me off.Just put the new guy in.
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    this was allready a given if you've been following the saga

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizbv
    this was allready a given if you've been following the saga
    Yep.I knew it was going to happen just don't like it.If you're not in the car week after week you won't get in the groove.
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