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Thread: Experimental Treatments for Spinal Cord Injuries

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    Daily treatment for 15 days. High Intenisty Laser Therapy (HILT). to help heal the spinal cord, fracture and decrease pain, inflammation and scar tissue formation associated with the acute injutry. Specialized moblization to the neck, low back, pelvis and hips. Pool therapy and 30 minutes of neurostimulation at 7.83 Hz daily to keep the nervous system communicating. We also purchased a ReBuilder for at home to continue treatments. The treatment by Gold Medal Motion and FDA approved this is not covered by insurance. There clcass IV medical grade laser is more powerful than any other healing lasers in the field. Currently only Clas I and Class II cold lasers have a CPT code for insurance purposes. Hopefully Mamadavid this helps with your questions.

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    My First Post

    Mom15 what type of pool exercises does your son do? My son was injured almost 6 weeks ago and looking to get him pool therapy. He leaves inpatient rehab this Saturday. Also interested in more info on HILT and neurostimulation. I am in California. His injury is C6 incomplete.

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    The pool exercises he does on his own he learned at inpatient rehab at Sister Kenny in MN. My son was T5 T6 incomplete so I am not sure if your son would be able to go in the pool without help. Ezra uses a walker in to the pool as far as he can then he holds on to the side. He mostly walks back and forth, does lunges and then uses a noodle to do leg lifts.
    The laser therapy and stimulator is only here in WI with Dr Draeger. He has the only HILT in the country. He has been talking of opening a clinic in CA however at this time only the talking stage. Dr Draeger will only take patients he feels he can help. You can go on line "gold medal motion" in Antigo WI for his information. Hope this helps.

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    Thank you

    Thank you for the reply Mom15. I called the local Y and they are willing to work with him. I'll post more info after we meet with the staff there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fusun View Post
    How can I get fampridine SR ?

    Just ask your doctor for a script.

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    Fool me once.

    I was in the initial trial for for Fam SR. It change only the intensity of my pain. The drugs work by a false mylin on exposed neuron. When the FDA denied the use, the study it did not meet the endpoints. I had our pharmacy make up a batch type and I was unable to handle the pain. Same song second verse.

    I would like to know how this study is different.
    Feelin good is good enough!

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