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Thread: what to look for, question~

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    what to look for, question~

    Mikey's post prompted me to write for your thoughts and input about the spasm/pain my son has been having intermittently the past six months or so.
    He has pain across his lower back but off to each side in his hip area but it seems to be muscle ache/pain as it comes when he leans forward more often than anything.
    He does have a small stone in his kidney and has dealt with two uti's throughout the past six just seems to be so much lower than his kidney area though we are thinking, but then maybe not???
    He has an appt. for X-rays and to see a urologist next week. Oh yeah, he did have a hemorroid come about this past week too.
    As I said, any input would be great prior to his appointments. Thanks.

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    Typically "kidney" pain in in the back to the side and can go low towards the hip but doesn't typically go down to the buttocks.
    It is definitely important to continue monitoring the kidney stone and UTI's.


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