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Thread: oxycodone vs morphine

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    I take MST Morphine 30mg, three times a day. I've had no problems that I did'nt have before the medication. I think bowel issues are a given, at least they have been for me.

    This is the first medication that has helped me. Has'nt gotten rid of all the pain, but at least I'm able to go to bed and get some sleep once in awhile.

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    my pain doc put me on morphine 15mg twice a day when perks stopped working as good and give 5mg of perks for breakthrough pain. morphine barely did anything so he put back on 7.5mg perks five times a day plus the morphine. honestly the only thing it does is help with the pain which it's what i needed. i don't get any side effects. the first two days i felt like i was a little drunk but then i was fine after that.
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    This thread grabbed my attention as I am battling severe pain cause by a severe injury to my lower right leg along with major nerve damage and osteomyilitis.

    What have people found as far as the morophine being effective vs oxycodone? I am currentely taking embeda 60mg which is an extended release morophine and I was also taking 4 10mg oxycodone pills the dr just switched me to up to 4 15mg morophine sulphate ir. However they dont seem to have any noticible effect except being sleepy?

    Not sure what to do about the situation!

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    Cool confused

    Quote Originally Posted by jccarolina View Post
    I'm up to 150mg a day of Morphine and I wish I had never started it. I would rather be on Oxy.
    The withdrawl symptoms are unbearable when I run out.
    I know for dam# sure I wouldn't have become as dependant on Oxy.

    I went for 3 years on Lortab 10/500, 4 time a day, and never had one withdraw if I ran out.
    I would just hurt like hell.
    Ihave been in chronic pain for 25 yrs+ and tried about every medicine on the market. I have been on 80mg oxycontin 4 times a day with 7 15mg roxycodone for breakthrough for about 2 yrs. Since they changed the oxycontin so junkies cannot mainline it, it has stopped workung for me and my bowel movements are, well, gooey. My pain m anagement specialist told me that if you put the old oxy in a glass of water it would dissolve but the new oxy turns into a ball of goo so I guess that explains my bowel movements. Anyway I am changing to 100mg of morphine sulfate 4 times a day with 5 30mg of roxycodone for breakthrough pain. My question is what is the comparison of oxy to morphine and I wonder if this is going to get me through the day. The old oxy was great but they ruined it wahatever they did to it. Can someone elaborate on this for me. thanks.
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    i take 60mgs twice a day of morphine sulfate. i def. feel the withdrawal in my legs, nothing in the mindset. i think it causes constipation but i take plenty colace daily.

    oxy withdrawals were def. worse than morphine.

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    hi MSpainslave
    yes, i am a able to talk to you, lately i am better at talking than writing.
    i am actually bad at both, i am bad at calling , but always like to talk.
    if u can figure that out. i used to be a prolific writer, but the meds i am on took that all away, i used to read and check care cure very day, now i still try to check , but i barely can do a reply,i tried to post my skype do dab on my profile , so i just have to get used to what that noise is when it rings. if it not there ,p,m me and i will send my number.
    the problem with the oxycon and morphine, doses, when i first posted this, i canarely remember, all i rrememberi switched to Opana short acting for break through pain, and it took to long to work, the pain would come on like a dragon, and i knew i was going to wake up dead, i almost did a couple times. it was bads, i got switched to another combo that works, methadone being the 24/7 pain, it works well on the pain, but its a bad ball game .
    jst realized the question to me was from sept and is first post, woops, i am just catching up on mail.
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    My 1st Post

    Hello to All - Hope everyone had a nice Christmas, and a better New Year!

    As stated in the title of this post I'm a newbie, and after seeing the number of posts put up by some of you nice people I see I'm kind of out of my league so to speak. So please bear with me (I hate to type).

    I've got to be honest with you all. I am not paralyzed, but I do suffer from severe, chronic lower back pain caused by an car accident I was in, back in 1978, which broke 3 vertebra, a hip, and shoulder. (It could have been a lot worse since I lost my best friend due to the car rolling on him, and I was thrown through the passenger side window at 60mph.) At 50+ arthritis is setting in so bad that I've just recently lost most of the use of my right hand which was broken and never set in '83 (and I thought I hated typing before?), and is causing my back to hurt even worse than the day it happened.

    OK. I've bored you enough with my "Intro" so I'll get to the point of my post.

    I got to this very thread by Googling "dosage comparison between oxycodone and morphine". I wanted to know how much oxycodone would be sufficient to get the same results as the morphine ER I'm prescribed (which is 90mg in the morning and 60mg in the evening). I've been taking this dosage, 150mg daily, for only 6 months or so, but am already going through horrible withdrawal symptoms when I run out. This is why I wanted to try something different. I'd like to find several pain meds that work so I can switch back and forth, hoping that doing so will help make it easier to get off them someday soon.

    Earlier this month I made an appointment with my doctor and he did change my prescription to oxycodone, but he's only giving me 10mg every 4 hours, 4 times a day, which isn't enough for me to cure a headache.

    From my own research I found out that oxycodone is stated to be 1.5 times stronger than morphine. If my math is correct, this would be equivalent to 100mg of oxycodone (150 / 1.5 = 100), or 25mg every 4 hours, 4 times a day.

    Even if my math and/or dosage comparison is wrong, replacing a daily dosage of 150mg of ER morphine with only 40mg of just about any pain medication just doesn't seem feasible, and if my math and/or dosage comparison is right, then my doctor is sadly mistaken.

    Anyone have any advice for me and/or my doctor?

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    my pain med doc finally switched me off the morphine and put me oxycontin still on oxycodone. this is so far the combo for me. morphine give me to much gas i was burping my self to sleep every night 2 1/2 of just burp after burp. since the switch hardly any burping and better pain relief.
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    danwes- this will give you the equianalgesic amounts for different meds. There is a lot of individual variations but this is a place to start. I googled, 'narcotic equivalent chart' to find these spreadsheets.........

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    Thanks for the quick reply arndog. I'm not too savvy with the medical acronyms though. What are IM, PO, PR? I've got a good idea but I'd like to be sure.

    With that aside it seems as though I was pretty close at 25mg every 4 hours, since according to the chart, which states "30-60" mg for morphine and "15-30(20)" mg for oxycodone dosages, I'm assuming 20mg is where I could be started at, though last week my doctor gave me 5 days worth of oxycodone at 10mg every 4 hours. But even after doubling that dosage (10mg) once to see how it worked, it wasn't nearly enough.

    Personally, oxycodone is more of a high than morphine. Like speed or something, and I'm not crazy about that, but then morphine has a tendency to knock me out and I don't like that either.

    I had a heart attack 2 years ago and that may be why my doctor is so reluctant to prescribe a larger dose of oxycodone.

    Is there a pain med in between that would give me "the best of both worlds"? (Even though I've had back problems all of my adult life I've only recently been prescribed pain meds so I don't know much about them. About all I've ever been prescribed all those years was Tylenol 3's.)

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