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Thanks for the quick reply arndog. I'm not too savvy with the medical acronyms though. What are IM, PO, PR? I've got a good idea but I'd like to be sure.

With that aside it seems as though I was pretty close at 25mg every 4 hours, since according to the chart, which states "30-60" mg for morphine and "15-30(20)" mg for oxycodone dosages, I'm assuming 20mg is where I could be started at, though last week my doctor gave me 5 days worth of oxycodone at 10mg every 4 hours. But even after doubling that dosage (10mg) once to see how it worked, it wasn't nearly enough.

Personally, oxycodone is more of a high than morphine. Like speed or something, and I'm not crazy about that, but then morphine has a tendency to knock me out and I don't like that either.

I had a heart attack 2 years ago and that may be why my doctor is so reluctant to prescribe a larger dose of oxycodone.

Is there a pain med in between that would give me "the best of both worlds"? (Even though I've had back problems all of my adult life I've only recently been prescribed pain meds so I don't know much about them. About all I've ever been prescribed all those years was Tylenol 3's.)
The thing about oxycontin, and for that matterany of the pain meds I've tried, but especially the oxy, is that after my pain has set in it takes a lot more of it to get it back under control. Meaning that say I run out of Oxy, even though I may hav ebeen getting by ok with just 30mg twice per day, after I have run out when I get it refilled I will ned to take at least 60 to 90mg twice per day for at least a couple of days to get the pain back under control And at least for me personally a minimum of 10mg of the oxycodone is needed all of the time to have any effect whatsoever on breakthrough.