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Thread: Envisioning a "gait assistant" device - I need research advise.

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    Envisioning a "gait assistant" device - I need research advise.

    I keep thinking that I might have an idea for an inexpensive device that would work like a kind of brace/walking assistant that could be powered by the individuals own arms through the basic motions involved in normal gait where arms and legs counter balance each other.
    I walk in the park as much as I can. I have weakness in my left leg and have trouble lifting that foot up to take a "normal" step. I thought that if I could somehow supplement that leg with arm motion it would make for improved gait and allow for further muscle development. I looked around on the net and found a few things that kind of illustrate my concept.
    Does anyone have ideas about where I could get further info on gait dynamics, power braces, etc.?

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    The pictures are of a reciprocating gait orthoses. Not commonly used- but is out there in the rehab world. Google "reciprocating gait orthoses"- that may lead to an actual device that would serve your needs.
    Pam OTR/L

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