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Thread: Shoulder Pain

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    Shoulder Pain


    8 years ago I had shoulder pain – I went to the doctor and he gave me anti-inflammatory and sent me home. They eased the pain, but I felt stiff and sore.

    I went back to the doctor about a month later and her referred me to a Physiotherapist. I spent 2 years being treated by the Physio, but got limited relief from the pain. I then moved city with my job and spend a further 4 years being treated by physio’s as I struggled to play sports. Treatment varied from a back-brace to different workouts with large elastic bands to build up muscle mass that I was loosing on my right side. After the 5 years of treatment, the Physio concluded that I had some birth defect and muscles on my right hand side (at the back) would not operate correctly. He also could not explain my large muscle on top of my shoulder – he said it was compensating for other muscles that were not working.

    I resigned myself to never playing sports again. I can never explain how devastating this is. 2 years ago, I could not handle the pain anymore and went to see a chiropractor. He explained that I had a twisted spine and proved his theory with an x-ray. While he did get me some relief, he failed to fix the injury. I have since been to a fate healer and also did some form of Chinese Medicine with a retired doctor a few weeks back. My right sholder sticks forward and is very painful.

    I am devastated…. I work as an Engineer, so most of my work is not hands-on, but I am desperate for help. I am in pain every single day. I am really tired too…. I could seep for 12 hours a day no problem and normally 8 hours used be too much for me; Im told this may be because of my body fighting the pain.

    Could you offer me any advice / contacts? I feel I have tried everything and just cannot be fixed.

    Pat Kennedy,
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    Pat, I take it you do not have a spinal cord injury, but do have a spinal deformity. Have you seen an orthopedic spine specialist or neurosurgeon to get a definitive diagnosis of the deformity and to see if it can be surgically corrected? Muscle imbalances can cause pain, and can be caused by spinal deformity. A physiatrist who does a lot of musculoskeletal work might also be a helpful consultant.

    Since most people on our forums have a spinal cord injury with paralysis, your problem is not going to be common here, and it is more likely you may find some help on a spinal disorders or deformity forum. You might try this one:

    I also edited your post to remove your e-mail address. It is not wise to post this publically. People can use the PM function here to reach you if needed.


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    I will try the forum you recommended.


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