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Thread: zra order........

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    zra order........

    scared i mighta screwed up.

    my first chair was a quickie gpv 16x18 70 degree front. after 4 yrs i bought a colours eclipse 16x16 90 degree front. i never was comfortable with my legs tucked way up under me so at the advice of our "resident geek" i turned the footplate around which got my feet out in front of me more an it's much more comfortable now. plus i don't feel like i'm falling forward. ins. is buyin a zra. i ordered 16x16, 20" frnt 16" rear, 80 degree frnt angle. after reading duncans thread on 75 degree frnt. i'm worried i might shoulda ordered a 17 deep chair. i don't wanna feel like i'm falling out frontwards. both the gpv an the colours chairs both have a good amount of frame before the bend.

    any suggestions on whether i should call my dme an get em to change it to a 17 deep would be appreciated. i went 16 cause i've never heard anyone on here goin with a 17" depth. believe i've read every wheelchair thread on here, haha.

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    jbinny's ZRA has 17"depth seat I remember. Should call the DME before Tilite starts on your chair. If you need more frame before the bend so you can grab or push off of, then you can specify to have the frame built longer than seat depth, plus the foot rest will be further out too if you went with this option.
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    The amount of frame before the bend shouldn't make you feel like you are falling forward. A shorter frame could increase the possibility of you and the chair falling forward, but the 80 degree frame is more stable than a 85 or 90. I spec 17" seat depths all the time, especially with 75 0r 80 degree frames, so that is not that unusual. The key question is how much of a gap exists between the upholstery and the back of your knee. If there is less than an inch stay with 16". If that is the case, and you want more frame before the bend, tell them to specify ZSD3 Frame Depth Longer or Shorter Than Seat Depth spec'd at 17 to add another inch. Of course, it would be best to see if your DME can locate a demo. If they can, make sure they set it up with 4" of dump like you have in your specs.

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    Hype, you always seem to post while I am composing. How do you do that?

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    I didn't intend to post before you, It just happened at the right time I guess, .
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    in this colours chair it looks like i have a good inch in between my knee and upholstery. they won't pay the extra for the frame to be built longer but i can get 17 depth since it's no charge.

    they just sent the order in yesterday afternoon. i'm about 150lb 5'10 but i feel like i have long thighs, lol.

    oh....i read every thread but maybe so many i fergot what i read.

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    actually i'm trying to figure if with this footplate turned around on this eclipse, if it would feel the same as an 80 degree front on the zra. if thats the case, i'll be fine. i use the frame some when i'm pushing up from being bent over. but looking at sci's zrc pics, that much frame should be enuff for me to push up on.

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    You've probably seen this one before. It has a 17" deep seat, 80 degree front frame angle, 20"F/15.5"R STF height, 3.5" COG. Maybe it's just me, but it seems the foam pad sewn into the TiLite back upholstery makes the seat depth feel a bit shorter than other manufacturers' adjustable tension or foldover back upholstery.

    Note: Some of the frame before the bend is covered by a strap for the seat pouch.
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    yea, 80 degree looks like it kicks the footplate out a good bit over 90. another thing i wasn't considering....i have a jetstream pro adj. all the way back on my eclipse. if i had the adj. tension upholstery on here, i would probly have less than an inch between my knees. if the ti upholstery feels better than colours i'll use it but i could hardly tell any difference in depth when i put this jetstream on here. definitely felt better on my back though. actually in the middle, its probly about even with the back posts.

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    measuring from backrest post to the end of frame. it looks like 22 to 23 inches long frame on the eclipse. if the zra is a lil longer than that with 80 degree i'll feel safe. right now i'm scared, lol.

    plus my 16 yr old just hit some car in mickey d's parkin lot, on my insurance. my nuero pain is on the 15 scale, hahaha.

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