A device recently became commercially available for computers, allowing people to write down notes on a paper-based digital entry pad and recording a lecture at the same time. The company has a pretty impressive cartoon video showing what this device can do.


It records the voice of the lecturer and associates the time of the writing of notes to the time when the voice recording occurred. So, when one goes back on the notes and taps on the particular note, it replays that part of the lecture. The software is not difficult to write and it is a good idea, in my opinion.

It is actually quite a powerful concept. One can essentially take any process and associated it with a text file that can be inputted from any source. It is very difficult for people with spinal cord injury to take notes. While they can do recordings, it is a pain-in-the-neck to listen to a tape or view a video. So, why can't we have a note-taking program that records the what is said and the person can record notes via dragon dictate. The program can then show the dictated notes and, by clicking on the notes, it will fast forward or backward to the when the notes were dictated.