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Thread: Quads living by themselves

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    Quads living by themselves

    I am a c5-c6 quad, 13 years post and I am considering changing my currect living situation and living on my own. I can transfer independently and take care of most ADLs, but will have to learn some new techniques before I make the move.I was just curious to see how many of you live or have lived by yourself and what experiences/advice you can give me. If it helps, I will be moving into an apartment.

    Thanks in advance

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    I used to have a friend, a C-5/6 or so, that lived alone. She had help in the am and pm.

    Be sure you have working smoke detectors and a way to call for help with you all the time. (she once spent all evening face first in her plate, she fell over and was not able to sit back up alone )Also, her apt. had a fire and she was trapped.

    Not trying to talk you out of it, just information and things to think about. This was a few years ago, pre-cell phone days. She had an elec. chair. Some hand function.

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    Hi White00, Welcome to CC,

    I'm c4/5 and live alone and all for doing all you can. However get to know the nieghbors, voice phone, life line, finding some dependable PA's.

    all for now, good luck

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    In addition to bringing a cell phone to bed with you with a speed dial set to call 911, you should get smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors too. Also, stay active and social so folks stop in on you and call you. I'm a C6-7 and live with my gf but I imagine it would be a very long day everyday with nobody to talk to, nobody to laugh with, nobody to eat with and nobody to bitch at you. Oh ya, get a cat...they are cool companions that only require a little care.

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    I'm 8yrs post c5/6 and live alone. There are quads out on their own its just here n there you find them. One of the funniest things that has happened to me is getting me and my power chair stuck under my dining room table somehow, lol. I think I had my front door unlocked so 911 guys could get in when I called em on my phone as couldn't remember neighbors numbers. I said, "I'm a quad and just stuck under the table, please don't put your sirens on". haha. They came in my apt, and said "nice sago's" (my plants), I said, "sir, please, I'm under here, can you move the table?"

    Well ya know, we all have those kind of days. I will say its been great having a service dog too. Good luck you will do great I'm sure!!

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    I live on my own, infact I move out of the hospital and out to my own plac, been `1 year this month. I too am 5-6, but i cann't transfer. I get care 3 times a day, am, supper, pm. You probablly have moree skills tthan i do, so you'll do just fine. Scarey as hell at firstt, but wheen you start figureeing ou things causee you hasve to, it feels great.

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    im inc c4/5 and live alone. i can transfer and dress, ect. the only dicey thing is getting from chair to tub bench, but i do it other than that i dont have any problems, no attendants or anything.

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    I'm a C5-6 and cannot transfer. Have a PDA for morning/night. Bought a house in '89 and have been somewhat alone---roommates that are in and out. My advice is ditto from "Leo". Surround yourself with friends & neighbors, if doable, have a roommate..Doesn't need to be a friend or PDA, just an AB available when needed. I go to bed with the phone on the wall next to me along with my cell...An empty night bag and FULL jug of water.

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    I'm C5/6 11 years post and have lived alone for the past 9 years. At first I was 'OMG what have I done!' but now I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't transfer without assistance and get help am/pm but apart from that do the rest myself, it certainly has developed my problem solving skills! It helps if you have an AB friend you can ring for the 'not quite emergencies'. As has been mentioned, always keep your mobile/cell phone at hand, mine lives on my lap or bedside table.
    One thing I learned early on was not to put sharp knives in drawers that you're gonna rummage around in lol common sense I know but learned the hard way here.

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    I, too, have been thinking about getting my own place. I am nervous and want to find a good, accessible place. Somewhere halfway close to my parents, just in case. But at least I will be the queen of the castle. :-D
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