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    you have to love those Marines. stand with our troops or stand in front.
    oh well

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenf
    you have to love those Marines. stand with our troops or stand in front.

    LOL , that's a good one. What's with the pix of the CH53 ? Those are teh Cadillac of helicopters.

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    i guess if a muslin see's a naked woman thier suppose to kill themselfs. just like all ammo used in this nightmare war should be dipped in pigs blood.
    oh well

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    Well I'm sure they could start printing out porno pics and flying over those countrys and start dropping them...That would make it easy...lmao
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    CH-53. I rode they lightning of one of those trying to ground it on a cold night. At night you can see massive amounts of static in the blades. That picture does no justice to the magnitude of that thing on top of you.
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