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Thread: How to use 1.5" wide FrogLegs soft roll casters on a TiLite chair

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    What do you have on your down tubes to protect them? It looks like (at least in some of your pictures) something coiled. The reason I ask is because I didn't ask to get impact guards when the chair was ordered (saving DME pennies here and there) and would like to know if there is something other than the TiLite neoprene guards I can put on to keep the paint looking new as long as possible. Is there a way to make your own impact guards?
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    Thanks SCI_OTR. I did finally re-read the entire thread, which I hadn't taken time to do. BUT did I see somewhere here that now TiLite's new forks will accommodate the 1.5" softrolls? I'm thinking of ordering the 5x1.5 plastic wheel with poly tire on my TiLite ($75) and having the DME order the softrolls from Frog legs ($50) The whole thing is even less than ordering 5x1's with soft rolls from TiLite on the order form, which has been suggested by my DME. Maybe it's an insurance thing? Getting stuff all from the same place? Anyone know? Thanks!
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    The aluminum hub soft rolls are ~$75 per pair from Sportaid. They are $50 a piece direct from Frog Legs. I imagine TiLite will eventually phase out their 1" wide aluminum soft rolls, but not just yet. The FrogLegs aluminum soft roll are not only better, they are cheaper.

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    Okay, I missed that the Froglegs site has the soft rolls priced $55 A PIECE! So actually it would be the same cost ordering the 5x1.5 aluminum wheel, poly tire off the Tilite order form ($75)and adding Frog Leg casters ($110), as ordering the 5x1 aluminum wheel with soft rolls off the order form ($185). BUT I'd be getting 1.5 forks and better soft rolls. BUT DO I need to order the 5x1.5's for the FrogLeg casters to fit? I was thinking somewhere here it was said that the new TiLite forks would accommodate the 1.5 soft rolls. Sorry to belabor this point, but it's getting close to order time!

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    I ordered the 4 x 1.5" poly tire/plastic wheel. It turned out to be the plastic hub version of the Frog Leg 1.5" soft roll caster. I replaced it with a gold anodized version from sportaid($70/pair), just for "looks" sake. If you are ok with black plastic caster, you are good to go and don't need to order anything else, the 5 x 1.5" look to be the same.
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    Thanks McDuff. Actually I MEANT to say I could order the 5x1.5 PLASTIC wheel/poly tire and replace it with FrogLeg softrolls. I DO want the soft rolls. You aren't saying the 1.5 poly wheels are like soft rolls are you? What I am still wondering, though, is whether I HAVE to order 1.5 wheels/forks for the FrogLegs soft rolls to fit. I THOUGHT I read somewhere that the NEW TiLite chairs forks were wider and would accept the 1.5 casters. Are FrogLegs 1.5 casters wider than TiLite 1.5 casters? (sounds like a dumb question, but maybe not).

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    Yep, I'm saying the poly tires ARE Frog Leg soft rolls. I looked, they even say Frog Legs on the tire.
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    Are you sure you didn't get an "upgrade", like your carbon fiber side guards? Very interesting.............They don't even SHOW a choice on the order form for plastic wheel and soft rolls. Wonder if one orders 1.5" forks they automatically get soft rolls?

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    The aluminum hubs will roll much better.

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    SO...........just to clarify. If I want 5x1.5 aluminum wheels with FrogLegs soft rolls, on the TiLite order form we would check "5x1.5 plastic wheel with poly tire" and THEN check below "Omit front wheels"? (The form says you have to check a wheel size) Then have my DME order silver hub soft rolls from FrogLegs, right? SCI_OTR?

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