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Thread: How to use 1.5" wide FrogLegs soft roll casters on a TiLite chair

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR View Post
    I found the culprit....

    You should have selected...
    Bearing Type: 1/2" Bearings - enclosed in fork head.
    Order form notwithstanding, the forks she received do have the bearings enclosed in the fork head.

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    Thanks for that! I should have asked here first! :/
    "The sweet is not as sweet without the bitter"
    ~"Vanilla Sky"~

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    My ZRc had the exact same forks as your ZRa (hence, the origin of this thread). The threads on the stem stud of that Uni-Tine would screw right into the hole tapped in my ZRc's frame (which has a fixed caster housing). I've never seen a stem stud unscrewed from a ZRa until your pic, but looking at your ZRa stem stud and an old stem stud from my chair, it almost looks like it is upside down. I doubt that is the case, but looking at the tech drawing for the ZRa version of the Frog Legs suspension fork, you can see what I mean...

    Also, since you did use the original stem studs, did the lock nuts screw far enough onto the threads to reach the nylon part of the nut? I ask because when I installed my Crossfire forks, I had to back my stem studs out of the frame a little before there was enough length for the nylon to reach the threads (the Crossfire forks have a bit more spacing between the bearings). If the nylon portion of the nut doesn't reach, they could come loose.

    I would contact Mark and send him your pic showing both forks side by side and find out what the deal is. If you received the wrong hardware, I'm sure he will make it right. If you do contact him, please post what he says. It would be helpful to know if a Uni-Tine fork made for the ZR is different from the version made for the ZRa. Up until this point, I thought they were identical.

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    I don't know Mark but feel free to invite him to this thread if you think it might be beneficial

    I'm going to live with them as is until I decide if I want some more dump. I'll have to ask my bf your other questions but he assured me they are sturdy, we shall see ;p
    "The sweet is not as sweet without the bitter"
    ~"Vanilla Sky"~

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    hello I know you want to put a board on my ZR TiLite the Uni-Tine Frog Legs Wheelchair Forks to buy on Sportaid you advise me to buy just the wheels or forks and wheels measure caster barrel to floor, or from ' Insert fork to the ground), which measures do you recommend ..... thanks stefano

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    Hey stephen212: what kind.of back fo you have? Is that the roho?
    Looks real sharp,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ckhouri View Post
    Hey stephen212: what kind.of back fo you have? Is that the roho?
    Looks real sharp,
    Yes. JetStream low profile.

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